How Long Should You Sit On A Ball Chair

How Long Should You Sit On A Ball Chair?

Sitting on a ball chair can help to reduce your lower back pain, fix posture, and decrease muscle pain. These benefits might often make you tempted to sit for hours on a ball chair.

However, sitting for a long time can slow down your metabolism and increase the risk of diabetes. On the contrary, if you use it as an exercise ball, that is going to help you a lot.

Therefore, if sitting for too long causes is harmful, how long should you sit on a ball chair then? Well, you can sit on a ball chair for about 2 hours at a span. And that, only if you’re healthy and don’t have any issues or discomforts sitting over.

The sitting length, who can sit for how long, and who can’t, we’re about to discuss all these things. Let’s get into it.

Is It Better To Sit On A Ball Chair Than A Regular Chair?

Sitting on a balance ball chair is beneficial, that’s for sure. But, Is it better than a regular chair? To be honest, that is a controversial topic. But, if you are feeling lower back pain and worrying about poor posture, you can try to sit on a stability ball for a certain period. It will help you understand your personal preference.

But, it can not be an alternative to a regular chair where you sit for hours.

According to the Centre of Research Expertise for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders (CRE-MSD), “The use of stability balls as a chair may actually increase the risk of developing low back discomfort and may increase the risk of sustaining an injury due to the unstable nature of the balls.”

A balance ball does provide various health benefits, but you can not sit on an exercise ball for a prolonged time. So instead of improving your posture and decreasing lower back pain, it will do the opposite.

Therefore, a ball chair can never be better than a regular chair when you intend to sit for a long time. But, indeed ball chair is a better choice for a short period of sitting.

Who Benefits The Most From A Ball Chair?

Despite not being fit for the desk chair alternative, some people can get benefits the most from a yoga ball chair. Yet, you can not sit on a ball chair for an extended period.

Who Benefits The Most From A Ball Chair

1. Pregnant people

During the early pregnancy period, sitting on a regular chair may cause issues such as back pain, discomfort, achiness, etc. Especially in four to six months of pregnancy, it happens the most. In that scenario, using a yoga ball chair instead of a regular chair can solve the problem.

Pregnant people

Pregnancy requires a lot of attention and cares. Therefore, be careful while sitting on a ball chair. Because losing balance might cause irreparable loss for you. Also, you can not sit on the ball for more than a couple of hours.

2. Postpartum situation

Giving birth is not an easy process. Even after giving birth, you can still feel pain in your lower body. A balance ball can provide you with maximum comfort that time and help you recover quickly.

Postpartum people

If you have recently given birth, slightly deflate your ball to make it extra spongy so that it can give you that soft and comfortable feeling that you need the most. And it will help to reduce pain and fasten pelvic floor recovery.

3. Hemorrhoid’s problem

If you are dealing with a hemorrhoid problem, you can try an exercise ball instead of a regular chair. Because sitting on a regular chair can not help you at all. It can only give you discomfort feeling and increase pain. On the other hand, sitting on a balance ball chair feels soft and comfortable without feeling any hemorrhoid pain.

How Long Should You Sit On A Ball Chair?

A balance ball can never be an alternative to a desk chair for working. No matter what is the circumstance is, you shouldn’t sit on a ball chair for more than two hours. After that period, it will start doing the opposite reaction. Instead of helping your spine, posture, and lower back, it will do the worst.

How Long Should You Sit On A Ball Chair

5 Tips For Sitting Safely On A Ball Chair

Despite having all the health benefits, you have to follow some rules and regulations to get the maximum help out of it. So here are the five tips for sitting safely on an exercise ball chair.

Tips For Sitting Safely On A Ball Chair

1. Sit for no more than 2 hours

While a balance chair has a lot of benefits, you cannot sit here for a long time. Sitting less than two hours can harvest the benefit from it. If you want to use a balance ball to achieve extra comfort while working, we recommend swapping it with a regular desk chair for around one hour.

Also, you can swap between a regular chair and balance every one hour to make a balance.

2. Inflate the ball

Inflate the ball as much as possible to achieve maximum comfort. And, make sure it, while sitting on it, creates a 90-degree angle on your feet and knees. And, your feet should touch the floor comfortably. You must keep a balance to get the benefits rather than sinking on the ball.

3. Get the right size

If you get the wrong size ball, it might call imbalance while sitting. So, if you are a small person (less than 5′ tall), buy a small size, and if you are above 5 feet 6 inches, get the balance ball chair for plus size. Always remember to keep your feet at a 90-degree angle and get the proper balance.

4. Adjust your position

After getting the right size ball, if you still feel discomfort may be because of your desk height. Therefore, you have to adjust your desk height and position to make sure you are using it in the right way. Also, if you have a monitor on the desk, adjust the position of that to keep it on eye level. Moreover, you have to keep your arms at a 90-degree angle with the desk.

5. Widen your feet

Widen your feet to achieve strong balance while sitting. First, it helps to get a better sitting position. After that, you can get the benefit that you are seeking. And, having better balance is the main key to acquiring better posture, lessening back pain, and other problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do you get a flat stomach with an exercise ball?

Crunching is one of the best exercises to get a flat stomach. If you want a flat stomach, then you better try that first. Start by resting your back on the ball and placing your hands behind your head. Then, crunch while your nose pointed toward the ceiling.

Also, you can try planks on top of the balance ball. It will help to force the core muscles to burn belly fat.

In addition, roll out, v sit up, and heel touch using balance ball is going to help you lose belly fat and get flat.

Can you sit on a ball chair all day?

As you don’t exercise all day, sitting on a balance ball chair for all-day does not make any sense. Rest assured, it is harmful to your back, posture, and core muscles to sit in such a position.

Are exercise ball chairs good for your back?

Exercise ball chair puts pressure on your core muscles. As a result, it forces you to sit correctly on the ball. Therefore, it helps to reduce back pain and correct posture. So, yes, exercise ball chairs are suitable for the back.

Are exercise balls better than chairs?

An exercise ball can never be an alternative to a chair. If you use it as an exercise ball for doing a particular exercise, it is okay. But, replacing a chair with an exercise ball is not a good idea at all.

Final Words

So, you can sit on a ball chair whether it is for exercise purposes or office work but not for a long time. It is better to sit for less than two hours. That’s how long should you sit on a ball chair. You can reduce your lower back pain, improve posture, and strengthen core muscles.

Also, if you are willing to use it for an extended period, you should consult an expert to get the right idea. Unless there are exceptions, you have to maintain the basic rules of using a yoga ball chair to make sure you are getting the intended benefits from it.


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