How Tall Is The Unicorn Gaming Chair?

How Tall Is The Unicorn Gaming Chair

The unicorn gaming chair is becoming immensely popular and prevalent because of its friendly dimensions. However, the average height of a unicorn gaming chair is 51 inches. In addition, the height and other dimensions differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and price to price. But the usual and the most convenient unicorn gaming chair has a …

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Who Makes Serta Office Chairs?

Who Makes Serta Office Chairs

When you search for an office chair, Serta Office Chairs will pop up in your query result several times. This is because of its huge popularity among executives. So, if you decide to get one of them, then many questions might arise in your curious mind: Who Makes Serta Office Chairs? Whether the brand worth …

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Is Leaning Back in Chair Bad?

Is Leaning Back in Chair Bad

The correct sitting posture is straight up on the chair; however, we have been scolded for not sitting correctly in childhood. Sitting straight for hours is next to impossible and considered a robot. We have resolved whether Leaning back in a chair is bad or not. No! According to many experts and chiropractors, leaning back …

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How to Keep Chair Mats from Sliding on Hardwood Floors?

How to Keep Chair Mats from Sliding on Hardwood Floors

A chair mat is an excellent addition to the interior of a place. It protects the hardwood floor from the chair and adds an aesthetic to the room. But if the chair mat tends to slip and bunch up often, it is a huge bother for everyone. You can keep the chair mat from sliding …

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Are Wooden Chairs Better For Your Back Or Not?

Are Wooden Chairs Better For Your Back

Back pain is widespread among people nowadays. Our eyes go suspiciously toward the chairs to prevent back pain or manage it. Orthopedic health specialists say that the wrong postures may contribute to, or worse, back pain. So it’s worth asking for the best chairs to maintain comfort. Are wooden chairs better for your back or …

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Office Chair Won’t Go Up – Reasons and DIY solutions

Office Chair Wont Go Up

The office chair is the only furniture that has to take a lot of strain regularly among all types of furniture in your office. Therefore, it’s pretty common to show signs of wear and tear after a few years of usage. If you find that your office chair won’t go up or down, there can …

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How to Open Recliner with Broken Handle? The Easiest Method

How to Open Recliner With Broken Handle

You may wonder about your broken handle recliner when you don’t know how to open recliner with broken handle. A recliner with a broken handle can be dismantled with simple skill and easy steps. It may take some time to open a recliner, but there is nothing to be worried about. The difficulty and time …

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Why Does My Cat Sit Under My Chair? – Actual Cause

Why Does My Cat Sit Under My Chair

You may find your cute kitty sitting under your chair. In the meantime, a question arises in your mind: why does my cat sit under my chair? This article will show why your Kitty is going there and what you should do in this situation. Then, Why does my cat sit under my chair? All …

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