How to Open Recliner With Broken Handle

How to Open Recliner with Broken Handle? The Easiest Method

You may wonder about your broken handle recliner when you don’t know how to open recliner with broken handle. A recliner with a broken handle can be dismantled with simple skill and easy steps. It may take some time to open a recliner, but there is nothing to be worried about. The difficulty and time consumption are conditional on the severity of the damage. Here we are, with a simple way to open your broken handle recliner.

You need to place your recliner in a suitable place to detach the screws. Then overturn the handle, tug the base of the recliner and open the recliner sofa. Enter the metallic rails at the downside to remove the pins and screws. Eject the screw and then open the recliner and keep aside the parts.

Go through the article and follow the instructions that match with you to open your damaged recliner.

How to Open Recliner With Broken Handle?

There are several ways to open a recliner with a broken handle. The following is the most straightforward way to open this furniture within a short time. Follow the instructions properly to open it asap.

How to Open Recliner With Broken Handle

To make the opening procedure easy, collect the below tools before starting:

  • Hammers and Mallets
  • Screwdrivers
  • Clamps
  • Dowel Jig
  • Nail Sets
  • Pliers
  • Rules
  • Handsaws
  • Wood Chisels
  • Carpenter’s Level
  • Planes

In this process, We first dismantle the recliner and then the bars of the recliner and other parts. Here are the deep discussion starts:

1. Discard The Metal Guide And Uncover The Recliner

If you know well about the various spare parts of the recliner, then you can easily open your recliner through this method.

2. Overtake The Bottom Side

Place your sofa in a better position to go underneath it because the whole activities are at the bottom. You may not flip the heavyweight sofa alone; take the help of your family members and slowly flip it onto the floor.

Place the lower part of the bottom side in front of your face. Check out the fabric and overall conditions.

3. Carefully Control The Movement Of The Broken Handle

You have to be more careful about the abrupt movement of the broken handle during the opening task. Hold the handle by your hand or take the help of your friend to keep it under control.

Remove your hand from the handle slowly and look at its movement. Firmly hold it and check out the damage thoroughly. Try some temporary repairing methods to make it right. Then fix up the position of the handle in a fixed place to open it.

If the handle still moves, add some extra support to fasten it. Thus handles the recliner to complete the procedure.

4. Terminate The Recliner Cover

Open the cover of the recliner from the lower side and fold it. Make a roll of the sofa cover and tie it with the upper part of the furniture to avoid interruption during the work.

Then you will get the clips and metal bars of the sofa. Opening the cover is challenging. So start removing it from any edges of the surface. It allows the uncovering process from the side of the body.

5. Find Out The Bolts

Bolts fasten the recliner with the sofa’s body. These metal guides and bolts are on the corner of the base side. You can see the manual to find them easily.

They usually look black and big enough to see. Then put your fingers inside the hooks and guides to unlock the recliner structure.

6. Overhaul The Broken Handle

In this stage, you need to repair or replace the broken handle of the recliner.

Firmly hold the metal bar and check out the unlocking conditions. Jerk it upwards to understand the unlocking situations.

Then detach the structure to repair or replace it. You can easily do it as it’s an attachment tool. It has a fast unlocking capacity within a few seconds.

Apply real strength to move the structure upward by firmly holding the bottom side of the sofa. Open it upward slowly but never reduce the holding strength. Thus remove the bottom part of the recliner.

Ask for help from your family to support one side of the handle. It will help you to pull the structure upward and complete the dismantling process easily.

7. Remove The Old Bottom

Open the old bottom part of the sofa and detach it from there. After disconnecting the recliner, you can easily open any sofa part because attachment tools make the couch free-flowing.

You can then fix up, install or eliminate any sofa parts opening the bottom.

8. Recliner Bars Removing

Opening the metal recliner bars is essential to the recliner opening process. So you have to maintain a proper method to open it. Follow the below process to detach the recliner bars.

Flip The Furniture Keeping It Upside Down

Place and flip the sofa as you can easily reach out to the metallic bars, and it bolts. The bolts and bars are on the bottom side of the recliner. So this flipping is vital to reach the bolts and bars conveniently.

Then you have to hold on to the most challenging corner of the sofa and move to the downside. The bottom surface of the structure should have to face the ceiling, and the body remains reclined on the ground.

Thus keep the frame in front of you and never drive it with unbalanced and excessive strength. This will protect you from falling in the forward direction and avoid injury. It also keeps the sofa safe from breaking down from sudden falling.

Bar Cover Removal

There is a cover on the bottom side of the metal bar. Eliminate the bar cover and roll it to access the metal railing and focus tools.

Maintain a layout to remove the cover accurately and count the metal bars. If you feel anything suspicious, bring an expert to remove the cover.

You must avoid any damage to the fabric before reinstalling it.

Metallic Bars Identification

After uncovering the fabric, you get access to the bars downward of the recliner.  The metallic bars look like a long metal rod. There may remain 3 to 4 bars in your recliner, depending on the design of the sofa.

The dual sidebars are connected with the main base of the furniture by bolts and screws. When you can see the bars, you can conveniently open them.

Loose And Open The Bar Bolts

Due to their unique design, you need some particular tools to unlock the bolt. Keep the gadget on equipment and loosen the bolt using a bolt puller or an adjustable screwdriver.

You can also use an electric unfastening machine to open the bolts. Start the bolt ejection from one side and eject them one by one.

Always be aware of free-falling because any subconsciousness may cause serious physical injury. You may take an assistant to help you to hold the parts together.

Remove All Bars And Parts

Finally, remove all of the bars one by one. In this stage, 2 to 3 more people can help you to hold the rolling structure together. When you remove the joints, the sofa is completely opened.

Divide the sofa parts into some sections. Carefully manage and organize the sensitive parts to reinstall them accurately. Prevent seats from any kind of falling and damage.

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In this segment, Let’s look through the answers to the most commonly asked questions on the recliner.

How to fix a recliner footrest?

Fixing up a recliner footrest is relatively easy. Get your chair into a proper position where you can effortlessly operate on it. Then check out the screws of the chair on the metal rail.

If the screws are loose, tighten the screw to resolve the problem. Or you may need to replace the screws with new screws if the condition is worse. Finally, lubricate the screws and adjust the pressure on the footrest.

How do you unlock a recliner chair?

You can use a tack puller or any other tool like a butter knife that gets in there quickly. Clench the cloth down to pass the lever, then tuck the fabric behind the button to unlock it.

How do you fix a broken lever on a recliner couch?

You can fix the broken lever of your recliner coach by following the four simple steps.

  1. Go to the recliner’s backside and turn your recliner on the floor.
  2. Find out the set screw at the bottom of the recliner. Eliminate the set pin with a Torx- head screwdriver.
  3. Pull out the damaged lever and escutcheon of the broken lever.
  4. Skid the new escutcheon of the new lever. Set up the new lever on the recliner machine. Utilise the Torx-head screw with the new lever to protect the recliner lever. Reset the recliner to a proper position.

How do you open a broken recliner handle?

There are two small screws in the recliner handle to hold it. So to open the broken recliner handle, you need to remove the screws. Hold back the recliner handle, loose the screws, and open.

Can you manually open a power recliner?

The straight and short answer is no, you can not open a power recliner manually. It would help if you examined, lubricated, and unplugged the instrument of the power recliner.

How do you fix a broken manual recliner?

First, you need to find out the broken parts of your manual recliner. Then disassemble the parts and replace them with new ones to fix your recliner.

Can a broken recliner be fixed?

Yes, you can fix the broken recliner. It would help if you accurately pinpoint the damaged parts of your recliner. Then try to fix it step by step or replace it with a new one. Recliner repair is not too hard, and it will take less effort and time.

Bottom line

So, we hope now you know how to open recliner with broken handle. All that effort ensured an easy and safe opening of your recliner with a broken handle. This article will help you to open and overhaul your sofa at home and save the maintenance cost.

But always take enough precautionary measures to do this to avoid any kind of physical injury and furniture damage. If you feel uneasy and find it difficult to open, then never feel ashamed to call a maintenance specialist.


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