Why Does My Cat Sit Under My Chair

Why Does My Cat Sit Under My Chair? – Actual Cause

You may find your cute kitty sitting under your chair. In the meantime, a question arises in your mind: why does my cat sit under my chair? This article will show why your Kitty is going there and what you should do in this situation.

Then, Why does my cat sit under my chair? All cats like comfort. So your cats may go under your chair due to the safety, food need, separation anxiety, physical disorder, or the cat may be like the area.

Your cat may go there for a single reason or a combination of some reasons. To find out the actual cause, you need to consider a few things. By analyzing those things, you can quickly figure out the real reason.

The Possible Reasons For The Question Why Does My Cat Sit Under My Chair

This article will help you to find out the main reason why your cat is doing like that. So, let’s go into a deep discussion.

Why Does My Cat Sit Under My Chair

It May Want Food

The first possible reason is your cat wants food. It usually happens if your cat habitually sits under the chair before or after feeding. Eating fish makes it also more likely to sit under your chair.

Your cat likes to sit under the chair when you are at the dinner table. Most cats want to do that. They may be hungry or not but go to you when you are eating.

Tips: If the cat is new at your house, ask its previous owner about the habitual fact it usually likes to do. Then do that accordingly or try to change as per your choice.

For Safety

Every pet likes to remain safe, especially when they are in a new house or new environment. Your cat may also go under the chair when they feel unsafe. It may even choose that place as the best for his safety.

For Safety

Because pets like to remain nearest to their owner for their safety and fondness. You may experience it when there are loud or abnormal sounds near them. Otherwise, it also may feel unsafe in the presence of any other animals near its place.

Tips: Make the above condition usual for your cat and be more faithful to it so it may feel safe everywhere in your house.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety may be another possible reason; your cat sits under your chair. It would be possible for your cat to sit under your chair when you were there. It generally occurs when the cats lose their partner or previous owner.

Even if their living place changes inside your house, they may feel anxious.  So be sure what happened with it. It is a critical issue because it may cause severe problems like digestion and a distaste for food or any other fatal diseases.

Solution: Be sure about the anxiety and remove the cause to make it usual in daily behavior.

It Wants Affection

Another possible reason is that it wants affection from you. So it is going under your chair and making sounds like purrs, kneads, and snoring. If this is the reason, handle the situation how you want to practice it.

It Likes The Place

Every pet has a definite area of choice. It would be more likely when your cat sits under the chair most of its alone time, even when you are not there. So carefully follow up its attitude and try to find the reason.

It Likes The Place

More Critical Things to Consider

The below things may also take you near the actual reasons. Read through the causes and apply them to your cat.

When Your Cat Always Sat Under Your Chair

If you are observing the situation recently, your cat does not always sit under the chair. Then try to figure out when it starts. If you find it starts to do this suddenly, then it may be the cause of its getting rewarded due to going there.

Otherwise, your cat may feel anxious when you are not home, so your cat goes under your chair for safety.

Try To Find Out The Timing

Try to understand the timing when your cat usually sits under your chair and when it does not sit there.

If it goes there before feeding, the cause is hunger, and it wants food from you, as we referred to above. And Your cat tries to get your attention to feed him.

What Measures Do You Need to Take When Your Cat is Sitting Under Your Chair?

You can follow the below instructions to deal with your cat effortlessly.

Practice Another Spot To Sit

You can practice sitting where you like to keep it. You can also purchase a cat bed and set it where you want.

Then put your cat on that bed, especially when it tries to sit under the chair. Finally, give rewards for remaining on the bed.

Eliminate The Reason For Anxiousness Without You

You have to limit the reasons for anxiousness, especially when you go outside. Ensure and practice a safe spot for your cat and must feed him before going outside.

Also, give some water and a litter box around it when you are not present at home.

Let The Cat Do It

If you don’t find any unusual things in your cat’s behavior and don’t feel disturbed, it is better to let it do that. The reasons for your cat sitting under your chair would be affectionate or just like that place to stay.


It’s time to see what people usually ask to know about their cats in the frequently asked questions segment. It will help you to learn more about the cat’s behavior.

Why does my cat sit in my chair when I leave?

Cats like to sit and sleep in a warm place. So when you leave your chair, it immediately steals your warm seat for enjoying the warmth. When you sit somewhere for a while, your body heat warms that area.

So when you get up from there, possibly that is the warmest place in the house. And your cats like that warm and comfy seat.

Why do cats like to sit under things?

The possible reason may be the gaining of some place for his ownership. Pets like to set the boundary of their territory for themselves and the other cats.

So he marks different areas under the things as his area.

Why does my cat like to sleep where I sit?

Cats like to sleep in the chair due to the ease of their back muscles. It also can easily groom its belly when it rests in your chair. Simply it means the cat feels safe there.

Why do cats knead?

Cats usually knead to express their happiness and pleasure. When they feel comfortable, they knead. They may knead when you pet them and go to the napping spot.

Why does my cat sleep on my desk?

Your cat loves you and always likes to remain with you. The cats often express their affection by proximity. If you feel better with your cats at the desk, you may give them a cat bed in the corner of the desk.

It will provide you with company and nap daily during your work at the desk.

Is it normal for cats to sleep under furniture?

Generally, cats sleep under the furniture when they feel stressed. So if you find your furry friends regularly sleeping under the bed, chair, sofa, or any other small space, the cat may be stressed, ill, or feared.

These are the possible reasons why the cat sleeps under furniture.

How can I know whether my cat loves me or not?

There are some signs of understanding your cat loves. Look out for the most common symptom to certify your cat loves.

  • Your cat may frequently rub against you to express its love for you.
  • If it always likes to stay in proximity of you.
  • When you see your cat enjoying cuddling, be sure your cat loves you.
  • When you find your cat likes to go everywhere with you, even you will find your cat waiting outside the bathroom.
  • It will purr to get affection and attention from you.
  • It will show some excitement when you are around it.


In a few cases, pets are like humans. They always like to be with you. So most of the issues are expected when they go near you. So, it is not easy to find the reason for your question: why does my cat sit under my chair?

Even your cats may perplex you with some unusual attitude. One thing always, keep in mind is that they always like amenities and attention. And this is the main reason for going near you.

After all, We hope our efforts guided you to understand your pet from different conditions and angles. If you have any further queries on your pet, feel free to contact us or just leave a comment in the comment section.


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