Who Makes Serta Office Chairs

Who Makes Serta Office Chairs?

When you search for an office chair, Serta Office Chairs will pop up in your query result several times. This is because of its huge popularity among executives. So, if you decide to get one of them, then many questions might arise in your curious mind: Who Makes Serta Office Chairs? Whether the brand worth spending your precious money on? What is their product review or track record?

Well, a plethora of houses produces Serta office chairs for the executives. But one name in this industry is quite familiar: Herman Miller. Considering the production of office chairs, especially the Serta type, Herman Miller is one of the top five brands which produces flawless Serta office chairs. Some other brands such as Steelcase, Haworth, Knoll Inc, and ETC. are known for their incredible innovations and output.

Stay with us to know all the manufacturers of Serta office chairs.

Who Makes Serta Office Chairs? Names Of The Production Houses?

Today we shall disclose the top producers, so you can find ease while purchasing a Serta office chair for your workstation. It is also worth mentioning that no brand is less than its competitors.

Let’s dip ourselves into the core of the Serta producing brands.

Herman Miller

The first house that produces quality Serta chairs is Herman Miller. The fascinating fact regarding this production house is it already won several awards for its tremendous innovation. It is also on the list of top commercial furniture manufacturers in the United States.

Herman Miller

However, the history of this organization started its journey in 1915. And from then, it never disappointed the users of the office furniture.

You can blindly purchase their executive chairs for your subordinates and a Serta chair for yourself. Another most fascinating fact about this company is that they have options to add an armrest with your Serta chair if you desire.

A few days earlier, Herman Miller was at the top of the list of all producers. But another brand has performed significantly and turned Herman Miller second. Yet, it is still the first choice for those who look for quality office furniture, especially the Serta chairs.


Another famous brand that has been producing office furniture for more than a century is Steelcase. Today, it is the number one producer in the entire United States. You can find their furniture in almost all the stores.

Their Serta chair models are ones that can last for decades without compromising flexibility. They operate more than 80 working places now, and the number of present dealers is above 850.


In addition, they also generate revenue from exporting their quality products to many other regions and countries. Besides the Serta and executive chairs, they also produce other required elements for offices and workstations.

Steelcase also has two sister concerns, Coalesse and Turnstone.


Haworth stands with dealerships in 120 countries at the present time. Moreover, the entire United States has around 650 dealers and 75 official places. If we consider the best Serta producers, we can’t avoid Haworth.


Haworth is more like a formation of promising office chairs. If you select a chair from this house, you will surely be stress-free for at least 10 years. Moreover, it has significant popularity in the world for its fabulous creations.

Other Large Brands

There are some other brands which are not less than the three mentioned above. Like,

  1. Knoll Inc (Based in New York)
  2. La-Z-Boy (Best North American Serta office chair producer)
  3. Global Furniture Group
  4. Kimball
  5. Humansccale
  6. Urban Office

There are many other brands that will never disappoint you. All the producers’ Serta models are so convenient that they will be easy on your back and spin for long-time usage.

Moreover, the Serta models are pretty robust, therefore, they can handle more than 440lbs without facing any issues.

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Here are some of the queries which will help you to understand people’s perceptions also.

Which company is best for office chairs?

Based on the ranking of the brands, though Steelcase is at the top, Herman Miller is considered the best office chair producer. It is also on the list of top commercial furniture manufacturers in the United States.

The fascinating fact regarding this production house is it has already won several awards for its tremendous innovation.

What are the top office chairs?

You need plenty of chairs to organize your organization. The prevalent chairs are, Equa, Ergonomic, Serta, and ordinary executive chairs.

What is the best office chair for long hours?

Consider the Serta and ergonomics if you need a chair for long hours. Both are amazing to use for a long period.

Which chair is best for working at home?

There are plenty of chairs you can use at home. But the best options are the Serta and Ergonomic. Choose Serta if your home has a setup like your workstation.

It will let you sit on it for a long time. If you have a typical configuration, go for an ergonomic chair.


That was all about the best names as the answer to who makes Serta office chairs. All of the producers are significant in this office furniture-making industry.

You can blindly rely on one of the companies mentioned above if you desire to properly set your whole workstation.


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