Are Balance Ball Chairs Good For You

Are Balance Ball Chairs Good For You?

A CDC research says, “Around 25% of people in the US sit for almost 8 hours in a day”. Sitting on a chair requires almost no muscle activity at all. Therefore, it causes several issues to the lower back, muscles, and so on. In that scenario, you might have got suggestions to use a balance ball chair.

But the question is: are balance ball chairs good for you?

Well, sitting on a balance ball chair can improve your muscle strength. It will help you with better endurance in forwarding and backward motions. That way, you can achieve a healthy posture as well as endure less stress. 

However, there are situations where you shouldn’t really be using it as your go-to seating option. We’ll get into all these things in this discussion. Let’s get into it.

What Is A Balance Ball Chair?

What Is A Balance Ball Chair

A balance ball chair is an exercise equipment used as a chair intended to improve posture and spinal issues. In essence, it is a big ball that requires core strength to keep balance. As a result, it helps to keep balance and improve back and posture.

Also, it has been used as yoga exercise equipment to fix lower back pain, improve core strength, fix the spine, etc. Some people use it as an alternative to a desk to sit for a long time. Further, it is used as a piece of furniture that can replace a regular desk chair.

Are Balance Ball Chairs Good For You?

A balance chair is suitable for use as an exercise ball chair. Because it helps to maintain proper posture, stay active, and reduce lower back pain. If this is the scenario, the balance ball is good for you. But not for replacing regular office desk chairs.

The balance ball has become one of the popular fitness products all over the world. And that number is still increasing day by day. People buy it to improve posture and reduce back pain.

Are Balance Ball Chairs Good For You

Balancing on an unstable surface requires particular strength in your pelvic muscles, lower back, abdominal. As a result, it helps make core muscles stronger, decreases lower back pain, and improves posture. However, that is only possible if it is only used as an exercise ball.

On the other hand, sitting for a long time on an unstable surface can cause increased lower back pain, incorrect posture, muscle pain, etc. So, using it as a replacement for a regular desk chair is not going to help by any chance.

According to Havard health publishing, sitting for an extended period can relax the body’s largest muscles. When muscles relax, they take up very little glucose from the blood. As a consequence, it increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Balance Ball Chair?

Although a balance ball chair is not a replacement for a desk chair, it has a lot of benefits. Let’s see the benefits now.

What Are The Benefits Of A Balance Ball Chair

  • Improve Posture: A balance ball impels one to sit correctly. Therefore, it helps to gain core muscle strength. It gradually improves posture and makes it correct. Instead of using a regular desk chair, a balance ball helps proper posture in a natural way.
  • Reduce lower back pain: Sitting for a long time causes several issues. But, lower back pain is the most common case among them. It happens because of inappropriate sitting habits. In that case, a balancing ball requires a proper sitting position. And it helps to keep the spine straight to keep the balance. As a result, it gradually lessens lower back pain.
  • Spine alignment: Since it forces you to sit appropriately to keep balance, it will help to improve spine alignment. So even if there are some spine problems, that will also decrease day by day.
  • Core muscle strength: Stability balls engage core muscles to stay balanced. And it keeps muscles active to reduce particular pains. And, it works with the spine to create a perfect balance and gain strength. However, it can not increase strength directly but improve stability a lot.
  • Keep brain active: Using a balance ball requires a lot of focus and muscle activity to sit correctly. So, it will remain active in your brain and never let it feel any laziness. Therefore, it will improve productivity and gain working spirit.

Trideer Extra Thick Exercise Ball is our recommended balance ball chair. It comes in every size option from small to large

Do Balance Ball Chairs Help You Lose Weight?

A balance ball chair might be helpful for improving core muscle strength but not that effective for losing weight. Sitting on a balance chair for an entire day can lose only 20 to 30 calories. So, the answer is “NO.” Balance ball chair has nothing to do with weight loss.

However, the manufacturer promotes balance ball chairs as a weight loss product. But, that is not the main job it does. If it improves the spine and reduces lower back pain, then “YES” is adequate. But, not for losing weight.

Are Balance Ball Chairs Good For Office?

A balance ball chair, also called a yoga chair, can be considered a piece of exercise equipment. And, no one does exercise for an entire day. Sitting for a certain period can improve posture and reduce lower back pain.

On the other hand, sitting for a prolonged period can do the opposite. It can cause imbalance and put pressure on the core muscles, hence increasing lower back pain and pelvic muscle pains.

Are Balance Ball Chairs Good For Office

So, it can not be an ideal alternative to an office chair. Although a regular desk chair causes some issues. But, compared to a balance ball chair, a desk chair is a good choice.

“Prolonged sitting on a stability ball does not greatly alter the manner in which an individual sits, yet it appears to increase the level of discomfort,” said Diane Gregory. She is an associate professor at Wilfrid Laurier University in Kinesiology.

In conclusion, a Balance ball chair has no health benefit for long-term use. Since an office desk chair is used for around 8 hours a day, it will not be suitable for the office. But it can be an additional chair where you can sit and work for a while or while taking a break.

Otherwise, it can cause several injuries to the pelvic muscles, lower back, and posture.

Apart from a balance ball chair, get an ergonomic office chair as your primary sitting area. These chairs ensure complete back support and spine alignment for prolonged sitting.

How To Sit On A Balance Ball Chair?

In order to get the proper benefit requires knowing the perfect way of sitting on a balance ball chair. So, what is the ideal way? Well, let’s discuss that.

  • Ensure getting the perfect size ball. A balance ball chair for tall people works better and is helpful for tall people. For less than five feet of height, getting an 18″ ball is enough; otherwise, a 26″ ball is the perfect option.
  • Inflate the ball enough to ensure the feet touch the ground without tipping over. Legs must be maintained at a 90-degree angle while sitting on a balance ball.
  • Widen feet increase the balance to sit correctly on a balance ball chair.
  • Keep posture as straight as possible, put pressure on abdominal muscles. Relax the entire body and put your hands at a 90° angle on the desk. Adjust the desk height if the arm is not properly rested on the desk to make it comfortable.

FAQ’s On Balance Ball Chair

Do balance ball chairs really work?

It works in particular circumstances. A balance ball chair helps to strengthen core muscles and reduce back pain. However, sitting for a long time can have negative impacts as well. On the contrary, if it is all about doing exercise, it is an excellent piece of equipment. And, it works to reduce lower back pain and achieve strong core muscle.

Does sitting on an exercise ball help lower back pain?

Indeed it does. Because a balance ball chair forces to sit correctly. Therefore, it helps to gain strength in core muscles and keep the spine straight. As a result, it will help to reduce lower back pain. But again, sitting for a long time is not recommended at all.

What week can I use the birthing ball?

Between the 12 to 24 weeks of pregnancy is the best time for using a birthing ball, aka balance ball. Also, It can be an excellent piece of equipment to use after giving birth. But, make sure the ball is not fully pumped and provide maximum comfort.

Is a birthing ball the same as an exercise ball?

Yes, a birthing ball is the same as an exercise ball. It is also known as a yoga ball. And, it is used to reduce lower back pain, increase core muscle strength in post natal conditions.

Can you get abs from sitting on a yoga ball?

No, it is not possible to develop abs by using a yoga ball. However, as an exercise ball, with the help of the instructor, it can contribute to developing abs. But, only sitting on a yoga ball is not going to get abs by any means because getting abs is a complicated process. And, it requires a lot of exercises and a proper diet plan.


Sitting on a chair day long at the office can be bothersome, and sometimes, even harmful. As we’ve discussed above, you cannot use a balance ball chair as a replacement for a regular desk chair.

You can use one as a contemporary sitting option or as fitness workout equipment but not for long time use. With the right usage, it helps increase core stability and improve posture. However, we don’t recommend this as a long-time sitting chair.


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