Best Balance Ball Chairs for Tall Persons

5 Best Balance Ball Chairs For Tall Persons Review In 2023

Who doesn’t love having a comfortable seat behind the desk to sit for a longer period? A balance ball can surely make things easier with a soft cushion-like experience. But the way is not as simple as we think, especially if you are a tall guy.

You get to deal with complications like knee strain, weight capacity, and ease of movement. Once these are sorted, you must also consider how long it will keep you comfortable!

Therefore, finding the best balance ball chairs for tall person might become a tiresome job for most people. But that’s not the case for sitting professionals like we are! We’ve taken everything into account that a tall person should and have come up with the right balance balls for you.

All you have to do is, go through the reviews we’ve done below and select the one that suits your needs.

Are Balance Ball Chairs Effective for the Tall Person?

The ergonomic ball chairs are effective for tall persons to maintain an ideal posture and body balance. People prefer the balance ball chairs for comfort and health benefits as well.

According to different documents, a balance ball chair can be quite effective for a tall man with the following benefits:

  • Supportive for the lower spine: A traditional chair is less effective in supporting taller persons’ lower spines. Therefore, tall people feel discomfort when they sit for a longer time. In this regard, a balance ball chair is effective enough to support the lower back of tall people.
  • Improve seating posture: An ergonomic balance ball chair helps to improve seating posture for tall men. It keeps shoulders and muscles engaged on the working desks. Thus, a balance ball chair lets tall persons maintain a straight seating posture.
  • Prevents lumbar pain: A balance ball chair removes the risk of lumbar pain by improving the sitting posture. It ensures a balanced posture and helps spinal alignment for hours of sitting.
  • Ideal for desk jobs: A balance ball chair confirms a comfortable sitting behind desks for hours after hours. You will pass pain-free working hours with an active sitting posture on your balance ball chair.
  • Effective for workouts: If you are a tall man with enthusiasm for working out, you can use a ball chair as your cost-effective exercise equipment. It will help you to release your lower abdomen fat and promote cardiovascular strength.

What Size Balance Ball Chair Does a Tall Person Need?

A balance ball chair is useful for both short and tall people. However, the seating comfort depends on the combination of the circumference and height of the ball and a person’s height. That’s why; the common question comes to mind what size of a balance ball chair is ideal for a tall man?

Our study speaks about a person’s height to sit on a balance ball chair. And the proper size of a balance ball chair may differ from one man to another. Therefore, never miss considering the following factors to find the best-sized balance ball chair.

  • Your Height: Your height is the most important determiner of the size of a balance ball chair. If your height is 5 feet and 5 inches, you can choose a regular size of the balance ball chair. But when you are 6 feet more height, the ball chair of 31 inches (76 cm) or more would be your ideal selection.
  • Diameter of Ball: A proper combination between ball size and chair height will assure maximum comfort. For example, if your height is 6 feet more, you should choose a ball of 76 centimeters. The diameter usually is the same as the chair height as mentioned in the previous point.
  • Height Adaptability: An ideal ergonomic balance ball chair must be height adaptable. It helps to redefine the sitting height following the people’s height. You can ensure proper lumbar support and armrest with a height-adaptable ball chair.
  • Purpose: The purpose of using also determines the size of a  balance ball chair for tall persons. For example, you don’t need to be more painstaking about size while picking a chair for the workout. But when it is for sitting behind a desk, you should be cautious enough to choose a ball chair of the proper size.

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Comparison chart:

We have prepared a comparison chart of our reviewed ball chairs for a fair decision. Now, it’s your turn to compare and pick the right one.

Image Product Technical Spec Price
Best Overall

PharMeDoc Balance Ball Chair

PharMeDoc Balance Ball Chair
  • Chair Type: Balance ball chair for adult
  • Chair dimension: 22×20×31-inches (L×W×H)
  • weight: 3 pounds
  • Manufacturing material: Rubber
  • Ball height: 20-inch (52cm)
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Best for back support

Champion Sports FitPro Ball Chair

Champion Sports FitPro Ball Chair
  • Chair type: Balance ball chair for adult
  • Chair dimension: 22×22×31-inches (L×W×H)
  • weight: 15 pounds
  • Chair height: 31-inch
  • Manufacturing material: Durable plastic
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Isokinetics Inc. Balance Ball Chair

Best for heavy structure

Best for heavy structure
  • Chair type: Balance ball chair for office, school, and home
  • Chair dimension: 22×22×31-inches (L×W×H)
  • Chair height: 31-inch
  • Chair frame: Plastic-made durable frame
  • Ball dimension: 52cm
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Best for desk jobs

WOBBLE STOOL Air Rolling Balance Ball Chair

WOBBLE STOOL Air Rolling Balance Ball Chair
  • Chair type: Air-rolling balance ball chair
  • Chair dimension: 19H×15.25W×15.25L-inches
  • Chair height: Adjustable 19-25.5-inches
  • Frame: Metal made firm frame
  • Seat diameter: 15-inch
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Best for Yoga

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair
  • Chair type: Classic balance ball chair
  • Width: 20-inch
  • Support bar height: 2.5-feet
  • Frame: Plastic made durable frame
  • Ball diameter: 52 centimeter
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5 Best Balance Ball Chairs for Tall Persons Reviews 2023

You can easily find a balance ball chair for regular-sized people. But things get complicated when it is for a tall man. We have recognized the difficulty and reviewed the five best balance ball chairs for tall persons. Let’s see which one is for you:

Best Balance Ball Chairs for Tall Persons

1. PharMeDoc Balance Ball Chair: Best Overall

PharMeDoc has added a new dimension to the sitting posture with its innovative balance ball chair. Unlike traditional brands, this manufacturer has concentrated on tall people’s sitting comfort.
It is a revolutionary seating solution designed for tall individuals. With a height of 31 inches and a combination of both ball and seat, this chair provides active sitting for hours with proper posture.

It helps stabilize body pressure, activates your core, and has an anti-burst rubber ball capable of supporting up to 300 lbs. The chair also features a removable backrest, lockable wheels, and durable construction with a lifetime guarantee. Experience comfort, safety, and improved posture with the PharMeDoc Balance Ball Chair, measuring 22×20×31 inches.

Let’s find out more about their balance ball chair for tall guys.

PharMeDoc Exercise Ball Chair

Active High seat

PharMeDoc balance ball chair gives you active sitting for hours with a proper body posture. This chair is efficient to change the way of sitting for tall persons with a 31″ height combined with both the ball and seat. If you feel like a smaller base for exercise, the 52cm bare ball is there!

Better posture management

You will get a better posture while working in your office or home having this chair supporting you. It stabilizes body pressure proportionately while working for hours in a row. And the chair activates your physical cores, causing no pain or stress. 

Anti-burst rubber ball

This balance ball chair comes with a 20-inch (52cm) heavy-duty ball that withstands up to 300 lbs. The manufacturer has improved the ball with anti-burst properties. Therefore, you are safe while inflating or sitting on the ball as a big person.

Removable backrest

This balance ball for tall people is multi-functional with a removable backrest. It is strong enough to endure your whole-body pressure. And the backrest keeps you straight in your sitting posture. However, you can remove the backrest while exercising and performing yoga.

Lockable wheels

Staying put is enough with the PharMeDoc balance ball chair as it offers lockable wheels to avoid skidding or unwanted moving. You can easily lock the wheels while working on your desk. Furthermore, you can release the lock to relax on the wheels.

Durable construction

PharMeDoc has developed the design with durable rubber materials for long-lasting performance. It comes with a rubber-coated stable structure to adopt plus-sized people (over 300 lbs). Therefore, you will get a lifetime manufacturing guarantee to back you up!

Decent dimensions

This balance ball chair for a tall man comes with a decent dimension of 22×20×31 inches (L×W×H). This is enough to help you strengthen the core and spinal alignment with a balanced sitting posture. You will feel comfort and safety in the chair around the clock.

Technical Specifications

  • Chair Type: Balance ball chair for adult
  • Chair dimension: 22×20×31-inches (L×W×H)
  • Item weight: 3 pounds
  • Manufacturing material: Rubber
  • Ball height: 20-inch (52cm)
  • Backrest: Removable
  • Backrest height: 31-inch
  • Wheels: Lockable wheels
  • Seat: Active and comfortable seat
What do we like?
  • Comfortable seat
  • Better posture
  • Ideal for removing back pain
  • Multi-functional usage modes
  • Lockable wheels
  • Removable backrest
  • Easy to store and port anywhere
What don’t we like?
  • The ball may need up to 24 hours to be fully ready


The PharMeDoc multi-functional ball chair would be a perfect choice for tall people to work at the office or exercise outside. It confirms pain-free pleasant sitting for hours of office time. You can indeed pick the ball chair to improve your daily sitting posture.

2. Champion Sports FitPro Ball Chair: Best for back support

The Champion Sports FitPro Ball Chair is the ultimate solution for tireless muscle activity and ergonomic support while sitting at your desk. With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing fitness and wellness products, Champion Sports has created its best creation yet.

This balance ball chair is designed with a durable plastic frame, a sculpted ergonomic back for spinal alignment, a stable ball for improved sitting posture, lockable rolling wheels for safe sitting, and a proper dimension of 22×22×31 inches which is an excellent option for tall people.

Lightweight and compact, this balance ball chair can be carried anywhere, making it a great choice for school, home, office, or even your apartment yard. Get ready to enjoy comfortable sitting without back stiffness and soreness with the Champion Sports FitPro Ball Chair. Let’s find its balance ball chair in detail:

Champion Sports Exercise Ball Chair

Durable plastic frame

This Champion Sports FitPro ball chair comes with a plastic-made strong frame underneath. The stable base withstands daily uses in the home, school, and office. It would be a durable solution to work out for big-body guys.

Sculpted Ergonomic Back

You’ll get a tall and tough backrest on this balance ball chair that will strengthen your spinal alignment. It provides ergonomic support to remove back stiffness. The back support works better to prevent back and muscle soreness due to sitting behind the desk hours.

Stable ball

The large, heavy-duty yoga ball fits fine on the 22×22×31-inch (L×W×H) frame. It is an inflatable ball that improves sitting posture. The ball set includes a small hand pump to ensure instant inflation whenever needed.

Wheels with locks

Champion Sports has included lockable rolling wheels underneath this balance ball chair. You can lock or unlock the four wheels of the chair whatever you want. It ensures safe sitting with no skidding or slipping. Furthermore, you can enjoy 360-degree rolling for a bit of relaxation for a while.

Proper dimension:

For tall people, the Champion FitPro ball chair is decent with its proper dimension of 22×22×31 inches (L×W×H). It weighs 15 lbs with a 31-inch height that adopts well a big guy. You will enjoy comfortable sitting and have no back stiffness or soreness.

Lightweight and compact

The balance ball chair has a lightweight and compact rolling base. Therefore, you can carry the chair anywhere you want. It would be your ideal choice for school, house, and office installation. Furthermore, you can transport the chair for exercising in your apartment yard.

Technical Specifications

  • Chair type: Balance ball chair for adult
  • Chair dimension: 22×22×31-inches (L×W×H)
  • Item weight: 15 pounds
  • Chair height: 31-inch
  • Manufacturing material: Durable plastic
  • Ball height: 20-inch (52cm)
  • Ball: Small pump-included inflatable ball
  • Wheels: Lockable wheels
  • Seat: Stable ball seat
What do we like?
  • Durable frame
  • Stable seat
  • Smooth-rolling wheels
  • Extra thick ball
  • Ergonomic support for spinal alignment
  • Easy to transport
What don’t we like?
  • Wheels may make a little bit of noise


The Champion Sports FitPro is one of the best balance ball chairs for tall persons with ergonomic design and quality materials. You may say now goodbye to your traditional chair in your office or house and place this chair instead of them. It is multi-functional and comfortable enough to use anywhere.

3. Isokinetics Inc. Balance Ball Chair: Best for heavy structure

Isokinetics Inc is prominent in quality balance ball chair collections. It is the perfect solution for tall people looking for a comfortable and durable seating option. This chair boasts a standard height plastic frame, 2 inches higher than traditional ball chairs, and can accommodate individuals up to 6 feet and 1 inch in height.

With its heavy structural integrity and adjustable back support, you can sit comfortably for hours without feeling any back pains or stress. The well-measured balance ball, 52cm or 20.5 inches, is the perfect height for individuals between 5 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 1 inch and comes with a small pump for easy inflation.

With its lockable wheels, you can keep yourself safe while working or exercising. Experience the comfort and durability of the Isokinetics Inc. Balance Ball Chair today and learn more features about this chair from the below section.

 Isokinetics Inc. Balance Exercise Ball Chair

Standard-height plastic frame

Unlike traditional ball chairs, the Isokinetics Inc balance ball chair comes with standard height for tallboys. The ball chair is 2 inches higher than the conventional ball chairs in the market. It accommodates well the men with a maximum of 6 feet and 1-inch height.

Heavy structural integrity

The balance ball chair is durable and comfortable with its structural integrity. The designer has made the chair unique from the traditional ball chairs in the market. Its ergonomic design looks engaging and compact.

Adjustable back support

Isokinetics has included an adjustable back in this balance ball chair for tireless working in an office or home. It supports enough to maintain a healthy sitting posture for hours. Therefore, you don’t feel any back pains or stress. You can adjust the back support to your comfort level.

Well-measured ball height

The manufacturer has developed the chair with a well-measured balance ball. It measures 52cm or 20.5-inch which suits better with a man of 5 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 1 inch more height. The ball’s top height is 21.5” off the ground while seated in the sitting frame.

Lockable wheels

The balance ball chair has four 60mm (2.5”) solid wheels where two wheels are lockable. You can lock the wheels to avoid unnecessary rolling backward or upward while working. However, the wheels keep you safe while exercising outside and working in the office.

Easy to inflate

The balance ball includes a small pump for easier inflation. You can inflate the ball by yourself, having no more hassles. However, you have to give time to get 100% inflation. It will take a maximum of two days for complete inflation.

Technical Specifications

  • Chair type: Balance ball chair for office, school, and home
  • Chair dimension: 22×22×31-inches (L×W×H)
  • Chair height: 31-inch
  • Chair frame: Plastic-made durable frame
  • Ball dimension: 52cm
  • Ball pump: Built-in small pump
  • Wheels: Two Lockable of four wheels
  • Inflation duration: Two days for 100% inflation
  • Recommended user height: 5′ 6″ to 6’1″
What do we like?
  • Exclusive ‘tall boy’ design
  • Proper measurement between frame and ball
  • Durable structure
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Lockable safe wheels
  • Easy to port, store, and assemble
What don’t we like?
  • 100% inflation duration seems time-consuming


The Isokinetics balance ball would be the best choice for tall people with its 2-inch extra height. It is premium with quality materials and ergonomic designs. You can make a valid decision to start a new journey with the ball chair.

4. WOBBLE Air Rolling Balance Stool: Best for desk jobs

WOOBLE Stool air balance chair is good for both fun and active sitting. It’s an excellent alternative to the typical balance ball chair for tall people. With its height-adjustable 360-degree swivel, elegant design, and active ergonomic seat, this chair is designed to provide comfort and support like a balance ball chair for hours on end. Made with durable metal, the chair is perfect for big-body men and can be used in the home and office.

With adjustable height and rolling balance swivel, you’ll have the freedom to move and relax while you work. So why settle for a boring chair when you can have a stylish and comfortable seat with the WOBBLE Air Rolling Stool? Learn more outstanding features of this balance stool from the below section.

 WOBBLE STOOL AIR rolling balance exercise ball chair

Quality material made

The manufacturer has made this balance stool with high-quality, durable metal as an alternative to the typical balance ball chair. Therefore, it sustains more than plastic-made chairs and withstands heavy users. The frame is firm enough to withstand and balance big-body man.

Elegant design

WOOBLE Stool chair looks engaging with its elegant design. The compact design allows the installation of the chair even in rigorous corners. You can use the chair in your limited office environments. The sleek and simple design has made the chair much more stylish than the conventional chairs in the market.

Active sitting

The balance stool’s unique seat cushion confirms active sitting for hours. It lets you tip, twist, move, and sway with proper balance. The active ergonomic seat ensures superb balance causing no stress.  Therefore, you feel safe and comfortable in this airball stool.

Adjustable height

It’s one of the best balance ball chair alternatives for tall persons with an adjustable height. You’ll be able to lower or upper the seat height parallel to your desk when needed. You can effortlessly adjust the seat height to your suitable height.

Rolling balance swivel

The rolling balance stool allows moving 360 degrees around for fun sitting. With the rolling balance swivel seat, you can conveniently roll into or out of place. It ensures fun and healthy seating for relaxation from tiring jobs.

Perfect dimensions

UNCAGED Ergonomics has designed the air-rolling chair with perfectly assembled dimensions (19H×15.25W×15.25L-inches). And the assembled seat height is 19 inches, with a total weight of 10 pounds. It properly accommodates a big-body man for comfortable sitting indeed.

Technical Specifications

  • Chair type: Air-rolling balance Stool
  • Chair dimension: 19H×15.25W×15.25L-inches
  • Chair height: Adjustable 19-25.5-inches
  • Frame: Metal-made firm frame
  • Seat diameter: 15-inch
  • Base diameter: 18-inch
  • Seat Type: Air-rolling
  • Wheels: Lockable wheels
  • Swivel Radius: 360-degree
  • Item weight: 10 pounds
What do we like?
  • Height adjustable active seat
  • Rolling balance stool
  • Elegant and durable designs
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Fun and healthy sitting
  • Fit for the most environments
What don’t we like?
  • No more backrest


The air-rolling WOOBLE Stool will be your perfect choice if you want an adjustable-height chair as an alternative to a balance ball chair. It looks smart with a stylish design and fits better anywhere with a compact size. You can choose the stool for a smooth and active sitting experience for hours.

5. Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair: Best for Yoga

Get ready to revolutionize your daily sitting routine with the Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair. With over 25 years of experience, Gaiam has been helping people achieve better fitness. The classic balance ball chair is designed as an alternative to conventional chairs and comes with a durable plastic frame capable of supporting up to 300 lbs.

A strong support bar keeps your body straight, while the removable exercise ball and adjustable height make it a comfortable fit for anyone. Lockable back wheels and a desktop guide make it easy to move around safely. Say goodbye to back stiffness and hello to improved overall health with the Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair. Let’s find more ins and outs of this balance ball chair.

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

Durable frame

The Gaiam classic balance ball chair is durable with a strong plastic-made frame. And the weight capacity of the chair base is up to 300 lbs. Plus, the base measures 20 inches from one wheel side to another. Therefore, you can enjoy active seating on the chair.

Strong support bar

Gaiam has developed a ball chair with a strong support bar for preventing back pain. It measures 2.5 feet from the base to keep the body straight enough for healthy sitting. And you can remove the back support bar while exercising.

Removable exercise ball

The balance ball chair includes a 52cm removable exercise ball. And it has an adjustable metal support bar to maintain balance on the base. You can easily inflate the big ball with an air pump. However, the ball will take a maximum of 24 hours for full inflation.

Height adjustable

This balance ball chair is comfortable for tall guys because of its adjustable height. It can be a comfortable choice for a man of a maximum of 6 feet. Furthermore, you can add leg extenders to get an extra 2-inch height for the taller guys.

Safe wheels

You’re getting this ball chair base with easy-glide caster wheels to move around without lifting the chair. The back wheels are lockable, whereas the front two wheels are regular. You will enjoy safe and comfortable rolling around your desk. Furthermore, it has a desktop guide for safe moving.

Amazing sitting wellness

It’ll have a remarkable change in your way of daily sitting after using the chair for a few weeks. It encourages body wellness and helps to prevent back stiffness. You will improve overall health while working hours behind your office desk.

Inflation outlines

The inflation of a new ball may be a bit time-consuming. It may take a maximum of 24 hours for full inflation. However, never miss re-inflate the new ball to get its 52cm of full shape. Deflate 50% after initial inflation and then re-inflate the ball for the best result.

Technical Specifications

  • Chair type: Classic balance ball chair
  • Width: 20-inch
  • Support bar height: 2.5-feet
  • Frame: Plastic-made durable frame
  • Ball diameter: 52 centimeter
  • Loading capacity: Maximum 300 pounds
  • Wheels: Back two lockable and front two regular wheels
  • Full inflation duration: 50% initial inflation and 100% inflation within 24 hours
  • Recommended height: Maximum 6 feet tall
What do we like?
  • Unique ergonomic design
  • Durable and heavy-duty frame
  • Ultra-thick comfortable ball
  • Adjustable to tall people
  • Easy-glide caster wheels
  • Strong back support bar to prevent back pain and soreness
What don’t we like?
  • Inflation is time-consuming


If you are looking for the best balance ball chair for tall people, the Gaiam Classic ball chair can come into close consideration. It is adjustable and comfortable for big-body people up to 6 feet in height. You can add wellness daily through a healthy sitting posture on the balance ball chair.

Benefits Of A Balance Ball Chair

A balance ball chair has several benefits, some of which are mentioned below:

Improved posture: The ball’s instability encourages the user to sit up straight and engage their core, leading to better posture.

Increased core strength: Sitting on a balance ball requires the user to constantly engage their core muscles, which can improve core strength over time.

Improved balance and stability: Balancing on a ball helps improve balance and stability.

Reduced back pain: The dynamic nature of the ball can help reduce back pain by promoting movement and reducing pressure on the lower back.

Increased energy and focus: Sitting on a ball helps promote movement and blood flow, leading to increased energy and improved focus.

Versatility: A balance ball can be used as a chair for exercise and stretching.

Guidelines and Recommendations for Optimal Use of Your Balance Ball Chair

Here are some tips and advice when using a balance ball chair:

Start slow

It’s important to gradually get used to sitting on the ball. Start with a few minutes at a time and gradually increase as your muscles adjust.

Maintain proper posture

Keep your back straight, shoulders relaxed, and core engaged to avoid back pain or strain.

Find the right size

Choose a ball that allows you to sit with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle and your feet flat on the floor.

Use it as a supplement

A balance ball chair is not meant to replace your traditional office chair. It’s best used as a supplement for short periods of time throughout the day.

Take breaks

Make sure to stand up and stretch every 30 minutes to an hour. This will help keep your body from becoming stiff and reduce the risk of injury.

Replace when necessary

Over time, the ball can lose its air pressure, causing it to become less effective as a chair. It’s important to replace the ball when this happens to maintain its effectiveness.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Balance Ball Chair For A Tall Person

If you are a beginner in purchasing a balance ball chair for a tall man, this buying guide is for you. We have mentioned some significant factors in picking the best balance ball chair for tall people. Let’s discuss the factors below:

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Balance Ball Chair For A Tall Person

Design (to fit in tall people)

The foremost important factor of an ideal balance ball chair is its design. It wouldn’t be a worthy investment unless the chair is of user-friendly design that fits tall people in without struggling. You must review the design and make a valid decision about whether the chair goes to your height and weight.

Structure (and integrity)

Good active-sitting performance depends on the structure of a balance chair. It must be of good-quality materials, whether plastic or metal. Never miss checking the strength of the frame to improve the sitting posture.

Structure (and integrity)

Load Capacity (for heavy tall people)

When weight goes with height simultaneously, you should verify the loading capacity of the chair. The loading capacity defines the durability and comfort of the chair. You should rely on the balance ball chair with a maximum loading capacity. It can be around 220 lbs as standard and around 300 lbs for extra heavy people.

Ball thickness (anti-burst)

The justification of ball thickness is important in picking the best ball chair for a tall person. Only an ultra-thick ball can assure optimum service for a longer time. Never consider the ball as an air-filled balloon; rather, it is sitting base of the chair. So, look at the diameter and thickness of the ball before choosing one.

Adjustable back and wheels

An ideal balance ball chair comes with many adjustable properties like back support and leg extenders. Customizing components is essential to make the chair comfortable for tall guys. Furthermore, the adjustable features are useful for working on the chair for hours after hours. Never overlook the issue.

Adjustable properties


You should choose the updated model of the balance ball chair to enjoy its multi-functionality. The many-in-one features make the chair convenient for office jobs, outdoor exercise, and home sitting. So, don’t miss making a worthy investment in choosing a multi-functional balance ball chair.

Inflation ability

The inflation ability is one of the most important factors in choosing a balance ball chair. This is because the total efficiency of a ball chair depends on its inflation. If you cannot inflate the ball properly, you will feel disappointed indeed. Please have a serious talk with your seller about the inflation rate and process.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you plan to purchase the best balance ball chair for tall persons, a tone of questions can arise in your mind. We have some common questions and answers (Q&As) regarding the balance ball chairs here:

How long should you sit on a ball chair?

Different studies show that sitting for a long time is harmful to health and fitness. It affects our metabolism rates and promotes the risk of health hazards. And some remarks that long-term sitting is a silent killer for fitness.

If you love sitting on your ball chair for office or home jobs, then don’t extend the sitting tenure more than two hours at a time. Otherwise, it can cause muscle soreness and back pain.

Is it good to sit on a balance ball at work?

The balance balls are replacing the normal office chairs day by day. And people prefer yoga balance balls at their workplaces. The common belief is that a balance ball maintains a proper sitting posture with many health benefits.

Therefore, fitness experts support to use of balance balls at work. It has therapeutic value to work behind office desks for a longer period. You can burn extra calories, improve your sitting position, and relieve back pain sitting on a chair at work.

Can you lose weight sitting on an exercise ball chair?

You can consider your exercise ball chair part of your weight loss equipment, but not as a whole. It helps to burn extra calories and slash down belly fat in the long run, but with the help of other tools. You can control your obesity and overall body weight by sitting on an exercise ball chair.

Using it with other exercise tools can promote physical strength, balance, and core activities. So, if you are overweight, you can use a balance ball chair in your office or home for better core and lower body activity.

Is sitting on an exercise balance ball better than a chair?

According to The New York Times report, an exercise ball chair is four times more effective in burning calories than a conventional chair. And it helps to improve sitting posture for health wellness.

An exercise balance ball chair is now a popular alternative to the old chairs in the office or home. You can enjoy its multi-functional usage benefits over the traditional chair. It may change a positive change in your way of daily sedentary jobs.

Does sitting on an exercise ball help lower back pain?

You may face extreme lower back pain due to long-term desk jobs. And your old office chair is one of the main contributors to lower back pain. You can replace your old chair with an exercise ball.

It improves sitting posture and keeps your body straight to prevent lower back pain. An exercise ball helps to build up core strength and increase spinal flexibility. Furthermore, it stabilizes spinal muscles to improve muscle fibers and resist lower back pain.

Final Thoughts

The balance ball chairs have brought a revolutionary change in the modern-day sitting arrangement at work. Now, you must be skeptical while choosing one as a tall person as you have a longer posture to fit into the setup. We hope you’ve been able to filter the odds and find your next balance ball chair from the list above.

If you want our editorial choice for the overall best balance ball chair for tall people, that’d be the PharMeDoc Balance Ball Chair. We select this for the tallest guys and the heaviest ones as it has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. Its exclusive frame height makes the long-term desk sitting comfortable and healthy. And the heavy-duty thick ball is made anti-burst for a longer lifespan.

Change the way of our sitting environment with balance ball chairs and get a better sitting experience!


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