How Should You Sit When Doing Eyelash Extensions

How Should You Sit When Doing Eyelash Extensions?

If there are passionate people out there, they are the last artists. The artists are always perfecting their skills and giving their clients the best. Eyelash extension artists are the ones who give it all while doing it with patience.

However, if there is one thing they often forget, it is having the right sitting posture. How should you sit when doing eyelash extensions?

As a lash artist, you need to sit straight at 90° angle while having back and arm support. The knees and arms should slightly bend at 90-120 degrees. Make sure both feet touch the floor with one leg on either side of the lash bed.

Do you know the type of chair a lash artist should use and the problems of slouching? Keep reading, we’re discussing this today.

What Problems Can Slouching Cause?

While there are times you can lean slightly over your client, slouching throughout the day is not recommended. Investing in a quality lash artist chair is a great way to keep things in control while doing the job.

As a lash artist, to offer the best services, you must first take good care of yourself. If you don’t take good care of your body, soon your business and artistry will be affected.

It is quite easy to find lash artists slouched while doing eyelash extensions. Being slouched for a few minutes is not a big issue. However, slouching for hours on a daily basis can have a huge impact on your muscles, ligaments, and joints.

What Problems Can Slouching Cause

The reasons for you not to slouch are legitimate. You need to sit straight with your feet flat on the floor. But what are the main problems of slouching? Let’s see the major issues regarding slouching:

  • Poor circulation: Slouching can lead to low blood circulation. Sitting while slouching can affect the flow of blood in your body. This can lead to several other health problems as the body does not get optimal blood flow.
  • Back and shoulder pain: Slouching can lead to stress and strain the shoulder and neck muscles. Musculoskeletal complaints are quite common among cosmetologists. Prolonged sitting while slouching can cause severe back pains as the spine is put under stress. You might find yourself visiting a chiropractor on a regular basis. Bad posture can misalign your spine. This can lead to muscle spasms and severe back pains. When you’re used to slouching at work, you might find yourself slouching even when at home.
  • Digestion problems: Slouching can also cause digestive problems. When you slouch, you’re compressing your stomach and this can affect digestion. It even becomes worse when you do it continuously for hours.
  • It can affect your metabolic process and lead to nutritional deficiency. You need to sit straight after a heavy meal for proper digestion to take place.
  • Improper lung function: Slouching can also affect how your lungs perform. The lungs expand as we breathe in and contract when we breathe out. However, this is affected when we slouch. Slouching puts the lungs and chest muscles under unnecessary pressure.
  • Fatigue: Lash artists are more likely to get tired faster when slouching. You’ll be straining most body muscles while slouching. In the end, you’ll not doa great job and might not work for long.
  • Increased Stress: One tends to be stressed and less motivated when slouched for long periods. This affects your mood and makes you do a poor job.

What Types of Chair Should a Lash Artist Use?

Choosing the correct lashing artist chair can help reduce slouching and ensure a healthy working posture. Any beginner lash artist will always ask what is the best lash chair for eyelash extensions.

Finding a suitable lash stool can ensure optimal comfort for the artist and the client. The type of chair you use should feature the following:

What Types of Chair Should a Lash Artist Use

1. Easy height adjustability

The perfect eyelash chair should offer easy height adjustment. This allows artists to change the chair height to suit different sitting positions.

While serving clients, eyelash artists need to sit at the perfect height to the lash bed. This requires a chair that adjusts in height seamlessly.

2. 360° swivel movement

A lash artist chair should feature 360-degree swivel movement. Chairs with rotating caster wheels allow for convenient movement without standing.

3. Matching color and design

You also need a lash artist chair with color and design that matches your studio. Your studio aesthetics plays a major role in how clients judge your services.

While color has no role in the eyelash extension application, a color that clashes with room decor are not ideal. Most eyelash colors are white, black, and neutral.

4. Backrest

You also need a chair with an excellent backrest to ensure optimal back support. The chair should support straight sitting with the back nicely supported.

Generally, any comfortable chair or stool with adjustable heights, backrest, and swivel casters can work as a lash artist chair. The chair should also come in colors that match your studio.

How Should You Sit When Doing Eyelash Extensions?

Having the ideal posture when doing eyelashes is crucial. You need to have the lashing bed and chair close by and adjustable. The chair height should allow artists to sit straight and have both feet on the floor.

How Should You Sit When Doing Eyelash Extensions

Keep the back straight and supported by the backrest. With both feet on the floor, place one foot on one side of the lash bed. This way, you can be straddling the bed while doing the eyelashes. However, that’s not all.

Extra tips for sitting correctly

  • Sit as close as possible to the lash bed. You don’t want to stretch your hands to reach your client. The lash stool should be as close to the lash bed as possible. Make sure you’re near the lash bed head and close to the client’s head.
  • Maintain your hands at 90-120 degrees bend in your hands and knees. This helps reduce any strain on your knees while servicing your client.
  • The stool height and lash bed height should adjust with ease. You need to sit at a level where your shoulders are relaxed.

The ideal posture should get you working comfortably without straining your neck and hands. There are a few times you can learn over. It’s okay. However, just make sure you train yourself to sit straight most of the time.

Exercise while Lashing

While lashing, there are a few mild exercises you need to perform along with the session. You don’t have to sit continuously for hours. Stretch often to get those tense muscles loosened.

Stand straight and have your shoulders facing up and down. Next, place your hands over the hips and inhale through your nose. Let the air fill your stomach and then exhale. Repeat this process after every 30 minutes of service.

It is important to find time and stretch in between the appointments. In addition, invest in a lash stool and always position yourself correctly.

7 Health Tips for Lash Artists

For every last artist, taking good care of your body will ensure you give your clients the best. Your body needs to be in the best physical and mental health for excellent results.

Health Tips for Lash Artists

Here are the 7 most important tips to stay physically and mentally healthy as a lash artist:

1. Stretch

I’ve already mentioned the importance of exercise before service and in-between services. Make sure you stretch your body and feel flexible before working on your client.

In addition, take breaks after 30 minutes to stretch and walk around. Sitting for hours leaves your muscles stiff and reduces blood flow. Taking breaks can help your body rejuvenate and feel great.

2. Practice good posture

This is one crucial tip that I’ve discussed extensively. You need to give your body the best care by maintaining good posture. By now, you know how to properly sit while doing eyelash extensions.

Avoid hunching over as this can cause back pains and shoulder pains. Get a good lash stool and sit as close to the client’s head as possible. Sit upright with both feet on the floor.  In addition, make sure the arms are rested at 90-120 degrees as you work on your clients.

Maintaining good posture is perhaps the best tip to give your body the best care possible.

3. Avoid eye strain

You need to focus on your client’s head without straining your eyes. Make sure your studio is bright enough to see without struggling. You can also invest in quality magnifying glasses.

4. Eat healthily

Another crucial tip that applies to everyone is eating healthy. However, most lash artists sit for hours and even forget to eat a decent meal. After a long day at work, you might prefer some ready-made junk foods. Avoid this and instead cook a healthy meal.

Make sure you eat well before heading to your studio. You want to be energetic throughout the day.

5. Get enough sleep

Rest is also critical for lash artists since they get to spend a lot of time sitting. Your body needs to rest. Make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep. This will get you rejuvenated for another great day at work.

6. Drink enough water

Apart from eating and getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water is highly recommended for lash artists. Waters gets you hydrated and keeps you going while working on your clients.

7. Comfortable Dressing

Lastly, make sure you dress well and look nice in front of your clients. Choose dresses that make you feel comfortable and at ease. How you dress can affect your comfort. You want to feel comfortable.

Final Words

How you sit while doing lash extensions on clients is crucial. You want to maintain a good posture and avoid straining your spine. Sit straight and have both feet on the floor. The arms should also get support at 90-120 degrees. In addition, make sure you exercise and stretch between services.

Taking good care of yourself will give your body the energy to offer the best service possible. Invest in a quality lash chair and know how to sit properly. Poor posture can lead to various health problems. Avoid it today by practicing good posture.


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