Is A Kneeling Chair Good For Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Is a Kneeling Chair Good for Anterior Pelvic Tilt?

Anterior pelvic tilt increases pressure on your lower back and affects your gait, posture, balance, core strength, and endurance. While exercise is one way to improve spine stabilization and alignment, using a kneeling chair can work wonders.

So, if you’re wondering, whether is a kneeling chair good for anterior pelvic tilt or not, things can turn out nice with one!

It is probably the best for someone with anterior pelvic tilt, and who has to sit a lot. The design of the chair which comprises the depth and width, ultimately determines how good a chair is for someone with anterior pelvic tilt.

Also, the kneeling chair allows you to sit with your hips at a more level position than you could in a regular chair. Well, there are other benefits of this type of chair, let’s go through some and the things you should know about it:

Is A Kneeling Chair Good For Anterior Pelvic Tilt?

The Kneeling chairs have been a popular piece of equipment amongst the medical and orthopedic community, where they are often utilized as a therapy treatment. The idea of this chair is to allow the spine to be in a better posture while being in a sitting position.

Apart from some exercise and other methods, kneeling chairs are a great way to take pressure off the lower back, However, they’re not good for pretty much any other seated activity.

They are designed to work for people who have experienced injury or deformity that prevents them from sitting in a standard chair for extended periods.

Is A Kneeling Chair Good For Anterior Pelvic Tilt

If you are suffering from anterior pelvic tilt, feeling pain in your lower back, hamstrings, and knees, then you should try out a kneeling chair. Most of their design integrates adjustable and padded knee pads to support proper knee placement during the sitting time.

Also, they have been proven to decrease stress to your spine, pelvis and aid in resolving posterior pelvic tilt infections. In addition, kneeling chairs can help aid in proper spinal alignment by promoting your body’s ability to realign itself to an optimal position.

What Are The Benefits Of A Kneeling Chair?

The kneeling chair has long been recognized as a healthier way to sit and one that you can do much longer. The ability to alternate between sitting and standing keeps the body active helps to maintain muscle tone, and promotes circulation.

What Are The Benefits Of A Kneeling Chair

The best thing about a kneeling chair is its adaptability, and there are lots of benefits you enjoy from using such a chair. Let’s go through some:

Maintaining good posture

Kneeling chairs usually offer an ergonomic design that is all about your comfort. They allow you to sit longer while maintaining good posture. The chairs are crafted with a curved contoured seat bottom and adjustable heights to find an ideal position for your needs.

They also have built-in lumbar support, which provides all-around comfort, while the seat cushions adjust to conform to your body and provide personalized support.

Also, this unique seating device acts to maintain proper posture and reduce back strain. It’s not hard to keep good posture when on a kneeling chair.

In addition, the chairs are ergonomically designed to enhance performance and wellness in various environments, making it easier to sit up straight and look professional, no matter where you are.

Prevent and reduce back pain

Sitting behind a desk all day can cause back pain. However, sitting on a Kneeling Chair, on the other hand, is one of the best ways to avoid and reduce it.

The kneeling chair provides support and comfort for your back, hips, and thighs. It is designed to fit and complement the human body by aligning your spine vertically to keep you comfortable.


Increase productivity

The kneeling chair supports a better posture and healthier circulation. While sitting, you will stay comfortable and convenient and work longer and faster without feeling fatigued. It thus helps to improve or enhance productivity.

With more people spending long hours sitting on the job these days, the kneeling chair is an excellent way to help relieve your aches and pains. Its ergonomic design provides spinal alignment and gives a gentle stretch to your back muscles.

If the anterior pelvic tilt is your major cause of becoming less productive with your work, then you should consider getting a chair to fix anterior pelvic tilt. The ideal one for you is the kneeling chair.

What Are The Drawbacks Of A Kneeling Chair?

As much as most people are rushing to change their chairs to kneeling chairs because of their health benefits, there are some setbacks you need to know about the design of the chairs.

What Are The Drawbacks Of A Kneeling Chair

  • Restricted leg movement: One of the drawbacks of the kneeling chair is that you have to keep your leg in a position for a longer period. So, it means you do not have the freedom to move your leg from one place to another.
  • Low circulation to the leg: If you sit on a kneeling chair for a longer period, you are likely to experience low blood circulation to your feet due to the sitting positioning.
  • Getting and sitting can be difficult: Unlike the traditional chair that allows you to stand up and sit anytime, the kneeling chair doesn’t give you much room. The posture only allows your leg to be in a position, and getting on and off is never easy.

Can You Use Kneeling Chair In Office?

Yes, you can use a kneeling chair in your office. The Kneeling chair allows workers to sit in comfort and convenient posture. For any individual who has or is suffering from anterior pelvic tilt, using a kneeling chair should not be an option but a necessity.

Can You Use Kneeling Chair In Office

Any company concerned about the productivity of any worker battling with anterior pelvic tilt should permit the use of a kneeling chair. It ensures that the individual using it gets comfortable and convenient to carry out daily or work duty without pain or stress.

Many people complain about back pain, ache, and many more for sitting at work for a longer period. So, the best way to deal with it is through the use of a kneeling chair.

Mind you, it is not only ideal for those who suffer from anterior pelvic tilt but a great one to keep anyone in a good and comfortable posture. It allows you to sit comfortably without any pain or discomfort.

How Do You Sit In A Kneeling Chair To Avoid Anterior Pelvic Tilt?

Sitting on a kneeling chair is not a difficult task to do. All you need to do is to sit on the padded foam while you have your knee resting on the knee pads, just as you can see in the image above.

Also, you must opt for one with adjustable settings when getting a kneeling chair. It thus helps you to adjust the chair to meet your height and ensure you stay comfortable and convenient for as long as you remain on the chair.


The health benefits of using a kneeling chair are a great addition to any office and home. Also, getting one is the right decision you will ever be glad you make for those battling with anterior pelvic tilt.

We hope now you have the idea of why is a kneeling chair good for anterior pelvic tilt. Now you should be able to get relief from pelvic tilt and other posture related issues by sitting in an optimal position using a kneeling chair.


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