How To Stop Bum Sweat On Chairs

How To Stop Bum Sweat On Chairs?

In offices or workplaces, you may have to sit at a place for a long period of time, hence you may experience bum sweat. How to stop bum sweat on chairs is one of the embarrassing and frustrating moments you may want to end, let’s talk about it. As uncomfortable as it makes you feel, bum sweat is mostly natural and healthy. Sweating is a vital bodily function that keeps your body from overheating. You may sweat in response to heat, exercise, or stress. However, it can become a problem when it soaks one’s pants at the end of an important meeting or soaks the cushion.

Occasionally, bum sweat can lead to painful rashes and skin chafing. Bum sweat can present a prime condition for yeast and bacteria overgrowth. The effects of this overgrowth include candida infection, acne, intertrigo, and folliculitis. However, there are remedies to this occurrence. You can reduce bum sweats by having good hygiene, wearing light clothes, and using breathable chairs.

This guide exposes you to how bum sweat can be controlled and managed effectively with the use of simple methods.

Why Does My Bum Sweat When I Sit On A Chair?

Bum sweat is completely natural and is sometimes not due to underlying health issues. You may experience it at least a few times, sweat gland distribution, weight, genetics, and hormones are some factors that affect how often and how heavily you sweats.

To better understand, you have to look at the types of sweat glands and their functions.

Eccrine Glands

Your eccrine glands distribute over your entirety of your body. It appears in different densities, which produces more sweat in some areas than others. For instance, a higher density of your eccrine gland can be found on the palms, soles, and head. It is, however, lesser on the bum, trunk, and extremities.

Eccrine glands produce an odorless fluid which is a mix of water and salt. This water-based sweat secretion helps to lower your temperature and keep the body cool.

Apocrine Glands

The apocrine sweat glands are in the armpit and perineal areas. They are also present in the genitals, belly button, and breasts. The fluid produced by this sweat gland is a mix of proteins, lipids, and water. Unlike the eccrine gland, the apocrine glands’ secretion is odorous and is not responsible for regulating the body’s temperature. Thankfully, these glands are not present in your bum.

The Reason Your Bum Sweats When You Sit

Humans usually sweat in hot temperatures. Parts of your body with folds will accumulate more sweat than other areas. The bum fits this description and the butt cracks are the perfect fold for sweat accumulation. When unbreathable clothing is worn, this makes your bum more sweat-prone. Hence, a few reasons why you may experience bum sweat when sitting are as follows;

  • High body temperature
  • Strenuous activity
  • Wearing thick and unbreathable clothing

How To Stop Bum Sweat On Chairs

Although bum sweat usually does not present a serious problem, you may still want to know how to stop bum sweat on chairs. It is usually an embarrassing occurrence, but you must understand that it is normal and healthy for this to happen. However, excessive bum sweat can lead to skin irritations and rashes. Not to mention it may affect your self-esteem.

How To Stop Bum Sweat On Chairs

Although it cannot be wholly eradicated, bum sweat can reduce when some proactive measures follow. The following are steps to prevent bum sweat .

1. Apply Baby Powder

This method effectively prevents sweaty bums and has been used to keep a baby’s butt cool. To avoid a sweaty bum, an excellent method is to use a combination of antiperspirant and baby powder.

First, apply antiperspirant (the same one used in the underarms) in-between the butt cheeks. Do not apply around the anus area. After application, dust your bum with baby powder. This will help with moisture absorption. You can also use talc-free baby powder or cornstarch-based powder.

2. Wear Moisture-Wicking Or Cotton Underwear

Making the switch to cotton underwear may solve your sweaty bum woes. Natural fabrics like cotton are more breathable than polyester or rayon fabrics. Hence, they are better for keeping the nether region well ventilated.

If you opts for cotton underwear, you must know that cotton absorbs moisture but does not disperse it. This means that the cotton underwear may get soaked up fairly quickly and take longer to dry. For this reason, you can opt for moisture-wicking fabric used in athletic outfits. These absorb the moisture and disperse it, leaving one dry for longer.

3. Stand Up Periodically

Sitting in the same place for long can cause sweat collect around your bum . Sitting restricts airflow and causes sweat to permeate your skin. When this happens, the area becomes ripe for yeast and bacteria overgrowth. If your job requires sitting all day, moving around and getting up for breaks and leg stretches is advisable to keep your body dry

4. Carry An Extra Pair Of Underwear

When your bum is constantly moist, it becomes a ripe environment for bacteria and germs to grow. You can control how much you sweat by wearing cotton materials and totally avoiding leather materials , they can consciously keep your bum from getting too moist. Taking along an extra pair of cotton or moisture-wicking underwear is a great way to stop your bum from sweat .

5. Go To The Bathroom

In the absence of extra pairs of undies, paper towels is an alternative . If your  bum sweat starts to happen in public, head to the bathroom at once .Then, pick up a wet paper towel. Also, get a dry paper towel and go into a stall. Wipe both butt cheeks and between the cracks with the wet paper towel. Then, wipe again with a dry towel.

6. Shower Daily To Maintain Cleanliness

It is essential you Shower twice a day to keep yourself clean and cool down there. Bacteria, germs, and yeast may grow between the butt cheeks when it is constantly damp from sweat and moist  Hence, one of the crucial ways you can avoid bacteria and yeast overgrowth is by taking regular showers with antimicrobial body wash that has menthol as a main ingredient.

7. Calm The Itch

One of the challenges you may experience with bum sweat is the discomfort and itching that comes with it. Itching usually occurs after your sweat dries and bacteria multiply. If itching starts in public, you need to know how to handle the situation. Apply a bland moisturizer combined with 1% hydrocortisone cream when the itching starts. This will help to reduce yeast activity and lessen inflammation.

8. Prevent And Heal Chafing

When you experience bum sweat,  you are likely to know what skin chafing is and how awful it feels. If left untreated , chafing can lead to inflammation as it disrupts the skin’s barrier. It occurs when sweaty skin rubs together. To deal with chafing, apply Vaseline Petroleum Jelly lightly to the area. This allows your skin to heal from the inside out and protects against future occurrences.

Prevent And Heal Chafing

9. Get A Breathable Chair

You must be intentional about the kinds of chairs you buy and sit on .  For instance, leather chairs are unbreathable; hence, they do not allow air circulation between your legs , it will not be such a good option. A better option will be a mesh chair because mesh fabric is breathable and allows airflow. A mesh chair will let you sit for longer without getting too sweaty. Interestingly, mesh chairs also serve as special chair for listening to music. Hence, you may be killing two birds with one stone by investing in a breathable fabric chair.

What You Shouldn’t Do To Stop Bum Sweat On Chairs?

You shouldn’t hide or be ashamed of your Bum sweat, it is crucial to carefully take good measures and avoid mistakes that may worsen your bum sweat or risk your health.

What You Shouldn’t Do To Stop Bum Sweat On Chairs

Here are the things you shouldn’t do to stop bum sweat on chairs

Wearing Leather Pants

The right kind of pant is crucial to avoid bum sweat, you shouldn’t wear non breathable underwear’s like leather pants as they pose a threat to you.

Synthetic, polyester or leather underwear’s are non-breathable, Wearing breathable undies with non-breathable pants like leather or polyester is counter-productive. Leather and other synthetic fabric restrict airflow and make the problem worse. It is advisable to wear loose underwear’s.

Applying Deodorants

Deodorants may be a good or bad option depending on which deodorant you use. If you experience chronic bum sweat, you  can try over-the-counter deodorants. However, they should be unscented. Also, deodorants that contain aluminum chloride can irritate; hence, go for mild ones. Also, ensure that it is labeled antiperspirant. And, remember, it should not be applied on your butt hole or broken skin and sensitive areas.

Staying In A Wet Swim Suit Or Underwear For Too Long

Bacteria and yeast grow in moist conditions, and when temperatures are high it is advisable to go swimming, However, it is crucial to shower and change the swimsuit immediately before the sweat starts trickling.

When To See A Doctor?

Excessive sweating for a prolonged period of time can signal a serious health issue that needs medical attention.

If this is your case, it may be better to ask a qualified medical practitioner how you can stop bum sweat on chairs. This is because excessive sweating can signal an underlying health issue or an after effect of a medication.

Excessive sweating is a condition known as hyperhidrosis. Many times, it may signal an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism). It may be a side effect of a specific medication or may not have an identifiable cause. Excessive sweating also has links to diabetes, some types of cancer, menopause, and nervous system disorders.

For instance, is your sweating accompanied by weight loss? Does it occur mostly when asleep? Is it accompanied by chest pain, fever, or shortness of breath? If yes, then it’s best to see a doctor.


Bum sweat is experienced by all, especially in persons who have to sit for a long period of time. Some may experience it more often than others and begin to wonder how to stop bum sweat on chairs. The good news is that there are several measures that one can take to reduce and lessen the effects of the occurrence. By following the instructions in this guide, bum sweat can become a thing of the past.


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