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10 Best Chair for SI Joint Pain in 2023 (In-Depth Reviews)

While keeping pace with the tech-advanced world, working all day long sitting in a chair in front of a monitor has become a must. And if you are a sufferer of SI (Sacroiliac) joint pain, undoubtedly, the most comfortable chair in compliance with your SI joint pain is your crucial need now.

However, not all chairs with better-cushioning tags can help you with relief from SI joint pain. The study shows that people who have SI joint pain should go for an ergonomic chair that has adjustable seat height, adjustable seat depth, and a forward tilt.

So that the intensity of the pain gets reduced, and the sufferer gets the most demanding comfort. Plus, the foam or mesh fitting must have a degree of conformity.

Hence, we have done our homework to help you get the best chair for SI joint pain, no matter where you work, at home, or in the office.

And yes, our picks are not just randomly picked ones. Instead, after a query of research and analysis, we have filtered out 10 quality ones only, depending on different budget variances.
Let’s see!

What Is SI Joint Pain?

What Is SI Joint Pain?

SI joint pain, or sacroiliac joint pain, is pain that occurs in the sacroiliac joint. It is located in the lower back, where the sacrum (the triangular bone at the spine base) meets the iliac bone (the bone on either side of the upper hip).

Various factors, including inflammation, injury, or degeneration of the joint, can cause SI joint pain. Symptoms of SI joint pain include lower back pain, hip pain, and difficulty standing or walking.

Treatment options include physical therapy, pain medication, and in some cases, surgery.

Does Sitting Make SI Joint Pain Worse?

Yes, sitting posture greatly impacts SI joint pains. The sacroiliac joint mainly connects the spine to the hip. So, walking and sitting positions can increase the pain. According to Healthline, one of the major causes of SI joint pain exaggerating is prolonged sitting. And this can make it even worse if not properly being sat.

Does Sitting Make SI Joint Pain Worse

You can feel the SI joint pain in the lower back; the pain can be on one side. But in some cases, the pain seems to be shifted on both sides, and if it gets acute, patients can even feel weak and numb in the leg.

This is why choosing the right sitting option is crucial, especially when you have to work sitting.

What Kind Of Chair Is Best Chair For Si Joint Pain?

Let’s dive into the pain point. You will get lots of chairs claiming the best comfort, but not all of them will be a good fit for SI joint pain. So, let’s have a tour of the features that can make a chair the best chair for si joint problems.

Chairs With The Best Cushioning Material

Well, you may say that most office chairs come with better cushions. But there is a variance in the material used in the foam. What is that?

There can be different chair cushions- some are made from gel, some with natural latex foam, and so on. But the most versatile and beneficial is to get the cushioning with natural latex foam because the cushioning made with natural latex is free from harsh chemicals and can help keep the spinal alignment more efficiently and smoothly.

Chairs With The Best Cushioning Material

On top of that, it is versatile and eco-friendly to use. It is also proven that natural latex foam can help improve blood circulation and relieve pressure.

Provides Customized Lumbar Support

The lumbar support is another crucial in a chair for SI joint pain, and a chair without any lumbar support can’t be suitable for SI joint pain. Rather, without better lumbar support, your SI joint pain can worsen.

And if you can get the customizable one, it will be a win-win offer.

However, in a BBC interview, physiotherapist Alishah Merchant suggested that general people use some rolled towels in the lower back to keep free from sitting on the tailbone. And here, you have SI joint pain issues.

So, you can assume how important it is to have the best cushioning element.

Having A Sitting Wedge & Tilt For Leg Support

Sacroiliac joint pains can spread to the thigh and upper legs sometimes. And so, your leg should be kept at the proper slope and support so that the SI joint can’t radiate.

And in this case, the chairs with a comfortable slope and wedge can give better leg support. This type of chair is advantageous for SI joint pain and lower back pain.

Then again, the chairs with a comfortable deep wedge can help keep your leg free from getting numb.

Chairs With Adjustable Seat Height

The chairs with adjustable seat height are a must for SI joint pain people. Moreover, the seat height adjusting feature can help your body keep straight at a 90 degrees angle as well as better reclining options.

Besides, when the seat height is adjustable, you have the benefit of adjusting it according to your comfort height level. Hence, the SI joint does not get exaggerated due to discomfort sitting position.

Chairs With Back Rest & Arm Rest

Not to mention but the chairs must have backrest and armrest options to work from your complete comfort zone.

You see, when you have the complete backrest, your backbone spine can have the proper alignment and backrest. Therefore, your SI joint won’t face any issues with displacement.

The Significance of Ergonomic Chairs on Reducing Sacroiliac Joint Pain

The Significance of Ergonomic Chairs on Reducing Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Ergonomic seating plays a crucial role in promoting overall health and wellness. These chairs are designed to minimize discomfort like sacroiliac joint pain and prevent further complications from developing.

They offer ample cushioning and an appropriate depth to provide support for the hips and reduce stress on the body so that you can protect yourself from any kind of back pain. Additionally, ergonomic chairs have a positive impact on blood circulation by encouraging proper circulation in the legs when adjusted to a 90-degree angle.

Furthermore, these chairs promote proper alignment of the shoulders, hips, and spine, reducing the risk of back pain and preventing harmful postures such as slouching and forward head.

Some other benefits of ergonomic seating include:

Provide Necessary Support to Maintain Good Posture

Traditional chairs can lead to poor posture over time and increase the risk of back injuries such as sacroiliac joint pain. Ergonomic chairs can be adjusted to match the user’s height and workstation, promoting proper posture while sitting.

Quick Relief from Back Pain

Lower back pain or sacroiliac joint pain is a common cause of absenteeism from work. Ergonomic chairs have a backrest that supports the natural curvature of the spine and is taller to provide complete support for the back.

Alleviation of Neck Pain

Prolonged sitting can lead to neck and shoulder pain and conditions such as spondylosis and loss of cartilage lining in the vertebrae. Hence, if you go for an ergonomic chair you’ll get a headrest to support the head and neck.

Reduced Pressure on Hips

Hard chairs can cause unnecessary pressure on the hips. On the other hand, ergonomic chairs have ample padding and depth to support the hips and reduce stress.

Improved Your Blood Circulation

These chairs positively impact blood circulation. By adjusting the seat to a 90-degree angle, proper circulation is facilitated in the legs, reducing the risk of swelling or numbness.

Boosts Productivity

Comfortable and supportive seating leads to happier and healthier employees or students, reducing the risk of distraction or absenteeism. The use of ergonomic chairs has been shown to increase productivity and work quality.

Comparison Chart:

Are you running out of time and can’t read the entire article at once? If so, then have a look at the below comparison chart. It will show you quick comparison data of our selected products and help you choose the best one in the minimum time.

Product NamesBest ForLoad Capacity (Lbs)Weight
(Height x Weight x Depth) inches
ComHoma Ergonomic Office ChairLumbar Support3003441″ x 19″ x 20″
Modway Ergonomic ChairThick padding3313641″ x 19″ x 20″
Duramont Office ChairComfortable backrest & headrest33042.442″ x 23.6″ x 26″
GM Seating Ergolux ChairVersatile adjusting option6646.5″ x 27.6″ x 29.1″
Ergousit Ergonomic ChairRobust Build quality2504245.9″ x 26.8″ x 26.8″
YODOLLA Bigger ChairElder people sitting comfort36041″ x 29.5″ x 34.7″
Steelcase Gesture ChairMinimal back pain support4007844.45″ x 34.63″ x 23.63″
NOUHAUS Ergo3D ChairRegular office work or playing games27546.344.09″ x 27.95″ x 16.3″
Serta Big and Tall ChairTraditional wooden vibe3505847″ x 27.25″ x 30.5″
Antlu Saddle Rolling ChairSalon, Parlor, Spa center40012.8727.9″ x 20.4″ x 20.4″

10 Best Chair For Si Joint Pain Reviews

For your ease, here we showcase 10 chairs for SI joint pain that will make your work of finding the best one done. So, let’s start reviewing.

best chair for si joint pain

1. Best For Versatile Comforting Supports – ComHoma Ergonomic Office Chair

ComHoma brings a chair with a complete ergonomic build design and no lack of comfort, especially for SI joint pain, whether it’s for your office or home. It is a stylish and functional office chair that will elevate your workspace.

With its classic white color and elastic mesh back design, it provides complete comfort and support for your back and SI joint pain. The chair also features flip-up arms, adjustable lumbar support, a 360-degree swivel, and the option to recline from 90 to 120 degrees.

The seat is made of comfortable and soft fabric with molded sponges, and the breathable cushioning helps improve airflow. The chair height is also adjustable with a high-quality gas lifting option. Additionally, the chair is easy and quick to install, and its nylon-based solid wheels ensure noise-free movement.

Let’s see what this chair features.

ComHoma Ergonomic Office Chair -Best For Versatile Comforting Supports

Design And Outlook

The thing that will grab your attention in this chair is its classic color and the built design. Besides, the ideal elastic mesh back design perfectly supports the back, providing complete comfort.

And the classic white color gives a classic look that will represent the look you may want to feel after sitting. Whether you work from home or need a regular office chair, this is perfect.

Flip-Up Arms With Better Padding

Obviously, you will go for the armrest option. But this chair has flip-up arms. And here, the benefit is you can flip the arms whenever you need.

However, it helps most in the time of storage. After work, you can adjust the armrest and store it according to your storage capacity.

Though the flip-up armrest is beneficial, our experience with this chair has cleared that the armrest build-quality can not hold the weight for long, so the arm skin feels a bit itchy for the arm padding digging it a bit.

Well, when you are not putting too much pressure on the arm padding, this is not spotted.

Adjustable Lumbar Support

Another crucial thing for any chair for SI joint pain is to have the best lumbar support. And this chair comes with not just lumbar support; you can adjust the lumbar up to 2 inches.

As we already mentioned, lumbar support can help with lower back pain and is a must-have option for people sitting with SI joint pain.

Swiveling Chair

Needless to say, we want the swiveling option in every office chair. This chair is no different. You can swivel the seat 360 degrees smoothly, and you don’t have to push yourself harder to swivel.

Comfortable Reclining For Rest

The ComHoma chair does not only feature lower back and arm support. Instead, you can recline your back with this chair from 90 degrees to 120 degrees angle and have some relaxation from continuous working.

ComHoma shows this feature as a rocking chair. In addition, you can lock and unlock the angling option of the seat reclining. So, this makes it much safe.

Better Depth for Better Positioning

This chair comes with comfortable and soft fabric with molded sponges inside. It does not feel like the cheap hard foam that can give your butt pain after sitting.

Again, the best part of the seat is its mesh is made with a highly dense, cozy, breathable sponge. So it does not cause irritation with its seat padding. Instead, the breathable cushioning helps improve airflow and keep your butt in a good position.

Also, the material used in the cushioning is eco-friendly and does not lose padding after a certain period.

Adjustable Height

Here comes another must-have feature for SI joint pain- the height adjustment. If you want the best desk chair for si joint pain, height adjustment is needed to adjust the seat height with your comfort level.

The chair has a high-quality gas lifting option to adjust chair height. It’s under the chair on the right side, and there is a height-locking knob. You can pull the knob outward to adjust the height and then push the knob inwards to lock the height position.

Easy And Quick Installation

The chair comes totally open. But you don’t have to bother any second for this. Depending on your mounting speed, you can install and set up the chair easily within 10 to 15 minutes or less.

Besides, the installation manual guide is, of course, there to help.

Noise-Free Movement

The ComHoma chair comes with nylon-based solid wheels that can rotate and move without giving an unwanted headache. Plus, these heavy-duty wheels are durable enough to move to hold the weight.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions(Height x Weight x Depth): 41″×19″×20″
  • Weight: 34 pounds
  • Color: white
  • Material: Soft sponge mesh
  • Load Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Lumbar Support: Up to 2 Inches
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Adjustable height with locking
  • Heavy-duty & noise-free wheel
  • Flip-up arms with good padding
  • Arm padding digs inside skin if pushed for a longer time

Why Should You Buy It?

Considering the SI joint pain and its exaggerated concerns, ComHoma brings a chair with the most comfortable functions. And this is just the complete package of all the features that one chair needs for SI joint pain. From height to better lumbar support and classic look to comfortable padding, make this chair is demanding.

2. Best For Load Capacity – Modway Ergonomic Chair

Are you searching for an office chair with the best SI joint pain-supporting features but are confused with the load capacity? Then Modway can help you out. It is a premium office chair with a stylish black design and 6 color options to choose from. With thick padded mesh seating and adjustable armrests, it provides comfort and support to alleviate SI joint pain.

The chair is sturdy and durable, with adjustable seat height and flexible tilting options. It also features smooth-rolling wheels and good lumbar support, making it an excellent choice for a comfortable and productive work environment.

Let’s check out more ergonomic features of this chair.

 Modway EEI-757-BLK Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Design And Outlook

Modway brings a chair with a different design with the armrest. The premium black-looking chair features a standard corporate feature that comforts the SI joint pains.

It comes in 6 different colors, including professional black, classic off-white, and even some attractive bright colors.

Thick Padded Mesh Seat

Modway does not lack comfortable seat padding. It uses an ergonomic design to properly hold the butt with the SI joint spine in the correct position.

Besides, it claims to give the most comfortable cushioning with 6 inches of thick mesh padding inside. The Modway chair has been made thinking about the user’s productivity sitting on it.

Adjustable Armrest

After you sit on a chair, your mind wants the rest of your hand, meaning a supportive and comfortable armrest. And here, Modway is a step different from the versatile designed ComHoma in the armrest feature.

You can adjust the armrest height easily by following your arm, keeping it comfortable. And there is no complaint our research can catch with the armrest padding digging in for pushing longer.

Sturdy And Durable Made

This chair is one of the best office chairs for its sturdy and solid build quality. Based on our experience, this chair is robust and handsome at first sight.

Adjustable Seat Height

Like every office chair or desk chair, the Modway chair seat is adjustable vertically. A height locking knob underneath the chair also helps lock the suitable height after adjusting.

Flexible Tilting Option

Another comfortable and second most important part of SI joint pain is the short break from continuous sitting. And you can get that by tilting your body back and forth like rocking chairs.

Though Modway does not offer a specific range of angles for tilting as the ComHoma does, you get flexible tilting for little body reclining between work.

Flexible Mobility With Suitable Wheels

Like every other office chair, it comes with solid rolling-dual wheels. And the best part is that this chair can roll smoothly on carpeted and wooden floors.

So, if your office is completely equipped with carpet flooring, you don’t have to bother yourself thinking about chair movement.

A Good Lumbar Support

Obviously, the SI joint pain carrier needs good lumbar support. And Modway chair does not lack this feature. The lumbar support might not have an adjustable height, but with 22 inches ( seat to top) backrest, you get good comfort and support to your back.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions(Height x Weight x Depth): 41″×19″×20″
  • Weight: 36 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Mesh cushion
  • Load Capacity: 331 lbs
  • Backrest Height (Seat to top): 22 Inches
  • Durable & robust build
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Value for money
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • No adjustable lumbar support

Why Should You Buy It?

Modway chair is one of the best office chair for si joint pains. It may not have a height-adjusting lumbar on the back, but the active lumbar support with a thick comfortable backrest is far enough to deal with SI joint pains. And the premium and corporate look within this price bring relief.

3. Best For All In One Support – Duramont Office Chair

If your purpose is strictly office or indoor use only, Duramont is here with the comfortable indoor-based office chair. It is the perfect solution for anyone looking for an all-in-one support, comfortable, and adjustable office chair.

With a customizable 2-way wheel knob system for lumbar support, a height-adjustable armrest, a W-shaped comfortable cushion, a breathable and adjustable backrest, and reliable and sturdy construction, this chair is designed to provide maximum comfort and support while you work.

It even comes with a 5-year warranty for added peace of mind. Whether you’re looking to alleviate SI joint pain or simply want a comfortable chair for indoor use, the Duramont Office Chair is a perfect choice. Let’s explore its main features.

Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair - Adjustable Desk Chair with Lumbar Support

Adjusting And Comfortable Lumber

For SI joint pain, lumbar support is a must, and when it is customizable, there is nothing to say but a bonus. Here, you can adjust the lumbar support in a 2-way wheel knob system. When you turn the wheel knob, the lumbar will come out, and when you turn the knob in its previous position, the lumbar goes inside.

You can use this chair for SI joint pain and regular indoor use for this feature.

A military member has shared his experience with this chair as such-

The first thing I noticed was the weight of the box. It gave me a sense of assurance in knowing that I bought quality. The mesh feels very comfortable and breathable. The lumbar support is amazing. I nearly fell asleep the moment I sat in this. This chair is so comfortable that I felt the need to write this review as soon as I sat down. Already my back feels better; my nerve pain is reduced.

Height Adjusting Armrest

The armrest of the Duramont chair is raisable up to 3.9 inches. So, you can adjust the armrest handle height and set it according to your suitable position.

Besides, the armrest will not cause your arm to feel like a walnut. Rather the comfortable and sturdy one for your armrest.

W-Shape Comfortable Cushion

An amazing fact about this chair is the sitting cushion. It comes with a W-shaped molded cushioning to make your butt fit in place with comfort. So, the SI joint pain does not radiate due to improper sitting.

The foam used here is from the high-density molded one that provides complete comfort while sitting. Thus, a long time sitting does not cause lower back pain.

Breathable And Adjustable Backrest

On the backrest of this chair, a high-quality mesh material is used that makes the backrest breathable. Hence, your back gets proper airflow.

Duramont claims that the backrest stuff can resist transformation and that other low-quality cheap chairs may fade out the color and mesh softness.

Again, the backrest is adjustable up to 120 degrees, as we found with the ComHoma chairs. And this one is also adjustable, like the rocking chair.

Now, if you want to sit straight or relax with some tilting back, with this chair, it is possible. You can also lock the suitable angle using the adjustable knob underneath.

Reliable And Sturdy Chair

The Duramont chair comes with amazing cluster wheels that make this chair moveable anywhere at any time.

Besides, if you ask about the installation, this chair comes with all the instructions and bolts that installation takes place within minutes.

And 5 years of warranty support increases the point in terms of reliability.

Again, the headrest of this chair is separately adjustable. You can raise the headrest and adjust it according to your comfortable height.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions(Height x Weight x Depth): 42″×6″×26″
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Material: High-density Mesh cushion
  • Load Capacity: 330 lbs
  • Warranty: 5 Years warranty with 90-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Height customizable headrest
  • Non-deformable and firm cushioning
  • Best for money
  • Caster wheels make the chair a bit high

Why Should You Buy It?

The Duramont office chair can be said to be the best desk chair for si joint pain issues. This chair can be the ideal option if you are looking for a chair with sitting cushioning on the prior list.

4. Budget Value Pick – GM Seating Ergolux Chair

Are you looking for something prominent? Do a genuine leather seat and other features for SI joint pains meet your needs? Then, go for GM Seating Ergolux Chair. It is a premium office chair that boasts exceptional features that cater to your comfort and needs.

With a genuine leather-made backrest, unique lumbar support, super adjustable armrest, customizable headrest, height, and depth adjusting seat, ergonomic backrest customizability, indoor usage certification, and mobility swiveling options, this chair offers complete support and comfort to alleviate SI joint pains.

Whether you are looking for a suitable sitting position or want to tilt your back and relax, this chair is here to give you a hand. Get ready to experience luxury and comfort with the GM Seating Ergolux Chair.

GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Hi Swivel Chair

Genuine Leather-Made Backrest

With this chair, the thing you get first is everything premium and exceptional. The calfskin is made of genuine leather from grain, making this chair premium.

According to some users’ bad experience with other cheap leather-based chairs, the leather is glued on the padding. But here, it does not come glued in. And so, there remains no doubt with the leather stretching out over time.

Exceptional Lumbar Support

The next thing that will amaze you about this chair is its lumbar support. We know how crucial lumbar support for SI joint pain is. And this premium-featuring chair features a uniquely designed lumbar support that gives complete support to the lower back.

Only the lumbar here in this chair is not adjustable. But every other feature is customizable according to your comfort.

Still, the lumbar offers complete lower back support and no pain in the SI joint.

Super Adjusting Armrest

Oh, the armrest here is not just adjustable in height. You will be amazed to know that armrest of this chair is adjustable left-right, up-down, and even backward-forward. Isn’t that cool?

Whether you need more space or your hands are not being fit on the armrest with comfort, the 3D customizing style of this GM chair can give you a hand.

Advanced Headrest Features

Like other desk chairs, this chair’s headrest is also customizable. Now, you might wonder what’s new here, right?

So, let us inform you that you can remove the headrest if you want, but most other chair companies don’t let you do.

Height And Depth Adjusting Seat

Yes, you just read this right. The GM chair allows you to customize the seat depth- forward and backward, along with seat height adjusting options. Which chair does that?

It doesn’t matter if you are short in height or long enough; it doesn’t matter. You can adjust the seat according to height to get a suitable sitting position for your butt. And this will benefit SI joint pain a long way.

Ergonomic Backrest Customizability

Not to mention, the backrest height is adjustable with locking options. And not only this, the back of the chair is tillable with the tilting tension locking buttons.

So, now you can rest by tilting back in the genuine leather and forget about your Si joint pain while working.

Indoor Usage Certification

Another amazing and beneficial thing about this chair is that it is ANSI-BIFMA compliant.

That means the chair is certified for indoor use, which not many other premium chairs don’t seem to have.

Mobility Swiveling Options

Of course, you can swivel at 360 degrees without any roughness with the Gm chair. And the caster wheels on the base help smooth mobility around your desk.

With all the modularity options, this video can help you better understand.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions(Height×Weight×Depth): 5″×27.6″×29.1″
  • Weight: 66 pounds
  • Color: Premium White
  • Material: Genuine leather
  • Warranty: 5 Years of warranty support
  • Fully modular chair
  • Reclining backrest with 3 locking positions
  • Genuine leather
  • Stylish premium look
  • Plastic wheels

Why Should You Buy It?

The GM fully modular chair can meet your needs if your concern comes with premiumness apart from the SI joint pain support. Not only the premium look but genuine durable leather makes this chair stand out from the crowd.

5. Best for Build Quality – Ergousit Ergonomic Chair

Would you like to slouch in between work and have some rest? Ergousit ergonomic chair can be your ideal fit in this case. It’s a perfect solution for those who want to enjoy a comfortable working experience. With its maximum tilting backrest, breathable mesh surface, and soft cushioning, you can sit comfortably for hours without any aches or pains.

The customizable headrest and armrest allow you to adjust the height according to your preference, while the lumbar support provides crucial lower back support. Made of sturdy build material and certified by SGS and BIFMA, this chair is both durable and mobile, ensuring a smooth and fast work experience.

Let’s dive into know more of its features.

 Ergousit Ergonomic Office Chair - High Back Desk Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support &Thick Seat Cushion

Maximum Tilting Backrest

Ergousit brings a chair where the backrest can be tilted up to 135 degrees. And obviously, you can lock the tilting position according to your suitability.

Besides, the backrest mesh surface is breathable and does not make you sweat while working with full attention.

Comfortable And Ergonomic Cushioning

The cushion padding of this chair is made of a native sponge that keeps the padding soft and comfortable, making you sit comfortably.

Besides, the sponge used here does not fall apart over time, as other cheap quality foam may collapse easily. So you can stay relaxed with the cushion longevity.

Customizing Headrest

The Ergousit chair has a customizable headrest that can extend up to 1.18 inches high and a lock for ease of comfort.

The headrest here perfectly captures your head and neck perfectly without giving your neck any ache.

Comfortable And Customizing Armrest

Needless to say, the armrest is also customizable. But if you look at how much, here comes the twist with a difference.

There is a button in the armrest that lets you adjust the armrest height at a range of 3.93 inches. And the armrest is made of PU leather. So this keeps the skin soft without harsh touch.

The Most Crucial And Comfortable Lower Back Support

In SI joint pain, lumbar support is a must, and this chair comes with the lumbar height adjustable option. And this makes the chair more ergonomic with complete lower back support, which is beneficial for SI joint pain relief.

Sturdy Build Material

This chair has been made using the pneumatic cylinder in its base axle. Plus, this stuff is SGS and BIMFA certified, which weighs the durability side more.

And the claws on the base wheels are robust and don’t slip. So, you can have smooth and fast mobility with this chair.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions(Height×Weight×Depth): 9×26.8″×26.8″
  • Weight: 42 pounds
  • Color: Premium White
  • Material: PU leather in arrest & Pneumatic cylinder base
  • Load Capacity: 250 lbs
  • Complete customizable with SI joint pain support
  • A solid build ensures longevity
  • Lightweight
  • Best chair with a reasonable price
  • Taller people may find this uncomfortable

Why Should You Buy It?

This is the right fit if you are not that tall and want a completely ergonomic-designed desk chair for SI joint pain. It ensures all types of support for SI joint pain and long-term durability.

6. Best For Elder People – YODOLLA Bigger Chair

Don’t want a chair for the office or work? Need a chair for your regular sitting help? But you are suffering from SI joint pain. No worries, Yodolla big chair with fabric comfortability can meet your needs.

It is a perfect solution for those who suffer from SI joint pain and need a comfortable and supportive chair for their daily sitting needs. With a remote-controlled silent motor, this chair can recline up to 150 degrees and comes with an ergonomically designed backrest to support the elderly generation.

The 20.5-inch deep seat provides complete support to the butt, and the 8 modes of vibrating massage will help relieve any aches and pains. The chair also features a USB port and small storage options, making it a versatile and convenient option for relaxation and entertainment.

Let’s see how its features can help you with your SI joint pain.

 YODOLLA Larger Lift Chair for Elderly, Big and Tall Lift Recliner

Reclining With Remote Controlled Silent Motor

This heavy-looking chair has a silent motor that helps the chair recline back and forth. How does it help you? If you have acute SI joint pain and need help standing up from sitting, this chair will be your best option.

It comes with both a button and a remote. You just tap on the reclining key, and it will recline up to 150 degrees back and forth.

Now, you watch TV or take a nap at home with complete support and comfort for your SI joint pain.

Backrest With Perfect Shape And Height

This chair is designed with the thought of giving support to the older generation. With this chair, elderly people who have SI joint issues won’t have to put more pressure on the joint while standing up.

Besides, the chair is made, giving the shape of most American elderly people’s size. 25.6 inches long backrest can support most 5.2 to 6 ft people.

Complete Support To The Butt

The chair has a 20.5 inches deep seat to support the elderly person’s hip and leg in a better position with comfort.

So, no more SI joint pain exaggeration while this fully controlled coy chair is here.

8 Modes Vibrating Massage

Another cool feature of this advanced chair is its 8 modes of massaging feature with vibration. When you recline and tap on the remote or button or massage vibration modes, it starts vibration and gives massage to some points like- the thigh, legs, neck,  back, and lumbar.

A robust reclining spring inside the cozy fabric gives a comfortable massaging feel.

Versatile Use

The recliner chair comes with versatile usability and options for relaxation. It has a USB port option with the remote controller or closes to the button to keep your headphone or other low-powering accessories on charge while sitting on it.

Besides, it has smaller storage options to store books, magazines, papers, etc. Two sides of the recliner are equipped with side pockets to keep your stuff while sitting on it.

This video can help with installation.

Technical Details

  • Overall Sofa Dimensions(Height×Weight×Depth): 41″×5″×34.7″
  • Best Use: Elder People’s Comfort
  • Color: Fabric brown
  • Material: Textile
  • Load Capacity: 360 lbs
  • Best for elderly people with SI joint pain
  • Remote control feature
  • Versatile storage and usage
  • Most Comfortable and cozy with ideal sitting depth
  • Not good as a working chair

Why Should You Buy It?

If you need a recliner for elder purposes or for your senior with SI joint pain problems, this chair or recliner can benefit you greatly. This ideal option allows older people to relax without putting pressure on their lower back. Plus, different modes of vibration massaging feature really helps.

7. Premium Pick – Steelcase Gesture Chair

Do you need a light frame, minimal design office work chair for back pain with minimum lower back support? Or have you just recovered from SI joint pain and need lower back support to prevent the pain? Then, this chair can meet your demands. It is a versatile and comfortable office chair with a minimal design and ideal lower back support, perfect for those with SI joint pain.

It features flexible bending, a built-in air pocket seat cushion, adjustable options, and a durable polyester upholstery and polished aluminum base and axle. Ideal for work or study, this chair is a great choice for those who need support and comfort.

Explore more of its features to confirm.

 Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

Versatile Usability

This chair from Steelcase comes with versatile usability. Whether for the workplace or study room, this chair can take its place, reflecting the aesthetic look.

Flexible Bending With Ideal Support

Steelcase minimal designs chair comes with flexible S-shaped contoured bending on its back. So, it benefits because it gives and bends whenever you move and keeps the body’s spines and bones in the right alignment support, preventing back pain.

Moreover, the seat cushion comes with a built-in air pocket inside and turn it into one of the best seat cushion for si joint pain. So it does not let your back and body get any pressure for a long time sitting.

Versatile Adjusting Feature

The chair comes with all-around adjusting options. First of all, the headrest, which you can raise or lower according to your neck’s comfortable position. The second is the backseat reclining option. You can recline your body with the chair back at any time using the 4 locking positions to keep your body free from back pain.

And finally, the full 360-degree rotating armrest. You can increase the height or stretch the armrest according to your working need without moving.

Build Quality

The entire upholstery of this chair comes polyester-made. However, the base and axle come with polished aluminum.

The chair has a light-handled frame design and a minimal outlook frame. It’s best for regular study, working, and above all, the best desk chair for si joint pain issues.

This video might help you.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions(Height×Weight×Depth): 45″×34.63″×23.63″
  • Best Use: Desk chair
  • Color: Graphite
  • Weight: 78 pounds
  • Material: Polished Aluminum & polyester
  • Load Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Best for regular use
  • Minimal design versatile feature
  • Best for full back support
  • Comfortable working vibe
  • Not good for acute SI joint pain

Why Should You Buy It?

If you have just recovered from SI joint pain but don’t want to give it a shot again, this chair can be a good fit. Plus, the chair can give you full back support without welcoming lower back pain.

8. Best For All Types of Work – NOUHAUS Ergo3D Chair

Do you need a low-profile ergonomic chair for SI joint pain problems? This chair will be a good fit for both office and gaming purposes. It’s a perfect solution for those who suffer from SI joint pain. This chair combines stylish design with maximum lower back support, making it ideal for both office and gaming.

It features 4D adjustable armrests for maximum flexibility, 3D lumbar support for complete comfort, a 135-degree recline for relaxing posture, and a solid build with breathable mesh back padding. Whether you need a chair for work or play, the NOUHAUS Ergo3D Chair will provide you with all the comfort and support you need.

Let’s check out more of its features from the below section.

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair

Stylish And Modern Build Design

Nouhaus brings a chair with a stylish but simple-looking build design with maximum lower back support. The ergonomic 3D style chair is ideal to use for your regular office work with flexibility. Or you can play games with maximum body comfort.

4D Style Adjustable Armrest

Almost all chairs benefitting the SI joint pain come with adjustable armrests. But this one comes with 4-dimensional customizability.

You can move the armrest in any direction based on your need in between work or play. The chair won’t create obstacles but rather benefit you by offering complete flexible support.

3D Lumber Support

The lumbar support on the lower backrest gives complete support so that the Si joint spike does not move and unintentionally creates pain.

Nouhaus calls it dynamic lumbar as the complete lumbar embraces your back when you sit. So, no chance of having pressure on the lower backbones.

Long Angled Reclining

By now, you already know better about reclining, right? And this chair can let you recline up to 135 degrees for a completely relaxing posture.

Solid Build Makes Ideal For Heavy-Duty

It may look lightweight with minimal design, but the robust 5-cluster base makes it ideal for heavy-duty purposes.

Besides, its back mesh padding features breathable mesh, so there won’t be any chance of sweating while sitting on this chair.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions(Height×Weight×Depth): 09″×27.95″×16.3″
  • Best Use: Playing games, office work, study
  • Color: Grey
  • Weight: 46.3 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum base & blade caster wheel
  • Load Capacity: 275 lbs
  • Ideal for regular work to play
  • 3D to 4D flexibility
  • A complete lower back support
  • Best SI joint pain compliant regular purpose chair
  • Not that much padding

Why Should You Buy It?

If you need a minimal-looking but solid chair with complete lower back support, this chair can keep you at ease with its versatile flexibility features.

9. Best For Wooden Accent – Serta Big and Tall Chair

Do you like the traditional well-built chair with wooden accents? But need SI joint pain support as well? Then this Serta is for you. It’s a perfect combination of traditional style and comfort. With its pillowish headrest design, adjustable lumbar, and customizable seat height, this chair provides the necessary support for those with SI joint pain.

The padded armrest, hand-sculpted wooden design, and waterfall seat wedge also contribute to a comfortable and relaxing seating experience. Whether you are working in the office or relaxing at home, this chair is sure to meet your needs.

Keep reading on to know more about this ergonomic chair!

 Serta Big and Tall Executive Office Chair with Wood Accents Adjustable High Back

Pillowish Headrest Design

The Serta brings a chair with a pillowish body frame. But the leather used here makes it heavy and robust-built.

This design makes this chair soft on the headrest and extra comfort to the neck.

Adjustable Lumbar

Undoubtedly the chair has full lumbar support with customized lumbar height. Plus, there is a knob to adjust and keep the lumbar height in the perfect position.

Seat Height Is Also Customizable

As it can give full support for the Si joint pains, apart from the lumbar, it provides complete support for seat height up to 3 and ½ inches.

And to adjust the seat arm, there is a control arm that you can easily reach. Don’t worry; you won’t have to put much pressure on your back while doing this.

Padded Armrest

The armrest of this chair comes padded with a traditional hand-sculpted wooden design. So, you can have the feel of ruling the state sitting in the middle of padded comfort.

Waterfall Seat Wedge

Well, another crucial feature we mentioned at first was the seat wedge in the chair that helps in Si joint pain a lot. And this chair has the waterfall padding wedge feature that helps your muscle and blood circulation improve no matter how long you work.

Moreover, this also helps prevent lower back pain and Si joint pain spread. As this chair gives the most office vibe, this can be said to be the best for si joint pain.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions(Height×Weight×Depth): 47″×27.25″×30.5″
  • Best Use: Playing games, office work, study
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 58 pounds
  • Material: Solid leather with wooden accent
  • Load Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Perfect office work chair
  • Traditional wooden hand-sculptured design
  • Complete lumbar support eliminates SI joint pain
  • Solid base with leather coziness
  • The armrest is not adjustable

Why Should You Buy It?

If you like the traditional wooden accent vibes in your home or office chair with full lower back support to help with Si joint pains, this comfortable, robust chair is an ideal chair.

10. Best For SPA-  Antlu Saddle Rolling Chair

Are you looking for a comfortable chair like a salon or spa center for your business? Then, we would like to introduce you to the Antlu Saddle Rolling Chair, the perfect solution for anyone looking for a comfortable and ergonomic chair. This chair is designed with a saddle-like shape and thick cushioning to reduce back pain and provide comfort.

Plus, the height is adjustable from 21 to 28 inches and it is rotative, making it a great rolling chair. This chair is ideal for short-term use in corporate environments such as salons, spa centers, and medical offices. So if you’re looking for a comfortable chair for your business, the Antlu Saddle Rolling Chair is the way to go.

Saddle Stool Rolling Chair for Medical Massage Salon Kitchen Spa

Cozy Padding Reducing Back Pain

This stool rolling chair mainly looks like the saddlebag on a bicycle, you see. But this one is very cozy for its comfortable and thick padding.

Sometimes people with Si joint pains can’t sit on the thin, hard stooling chairs, which causes more pain. And so, this type of chair is a relief.

Rotative And Adjustable

Antlu Saddle stool chair height is adjustable from 21 to around 28 inches. And the chair is rotative, so it’s called a rolling chair.

Ergonomic Design With Thick Cushioning

This chair comes with a thicker cushion which is way thicker than traditional stooling chairs. And so, this is ideal for the Si joint pains.

But keep in mind that this chair can help keep a good body posture to reduce too much pressure on the lower back. However, this won’t be ideal if you are thinking of working a prolonged time sitting on this chair with Si joint pains or no pain.

This rolling chair can be ideal for corporate use, like in the salon, spa center, medical, etc., where you need a short time sitting work.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions(Height×Weight×Depth): 9″×20.4″× 20.4″
  • Best Use: Spa center, salon, medical work
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 12.87 pounds
  • Material: Faux leather and metal body
  • Load Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Rotative & adjustable height
  • Thicker stool cushion
  • Comfortable hydraulic stool
  • Solid base built design
  • No backrest support

Why Should You Buy It?

This chair will be a very cozy and comfortable option for the salon, spa, and parlors. But this should not be your pick if you’re looking for complete lumbar support with a long-time working option.

How To Select The Best Chair For Si Joint Pain?

Well, you have got some gist of the top 10 picks of our enlisted chairs for Si joint pain. However, you should also keep some idea on how to select the best one considering the quality.

How To Select The Best Chair For Si Joint Pain

Here are 4 key factors you must check while buying a chair for Si joint pain.

Look for The Best Brand Value

Whatever your key considering matter is, look for the best brand in store. Brand value sometimes bears quality.

However, this is not like a good brand always comes with the best product. But you can arrange your priority checklist starting from brand value.

Check For Proper Lumbar Support

As we have said earlier, there is no need to say again that lumbar support in Si joint pain is crucial in chairs. So, you must check that the chair has good lumbar support to help remove your lower back pain.

In this case, ComHoma ergonomic chair has the best lumbar support with other comfortable features.

Customizing Option Is Useful

From seat height to backrest customizing, reclining facility, hand rest adjustability, etc., can add more comfort to your SI joint pain.

However, if you can ensure any chair with perfect height and size support, these may not be a burning concern.

But for a better comfort level, the more adjustable the chair can be, the more comfort it can offer.

Look For a Comfortable Cushion

The cushion material impacts much in creating comfort in sitting. So, the seat padding should be comfortable enough so that your body doesn’t get hard opposite pressure when you sit for a longer time.

This is a must to check for the most comfortable seat cushioning system.

Besides, there can be some other features varying from brand to brand. And according to your budget and needs, you can opt for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have any queries about the best chair for si joint pain, read the below section, and you will get the answer to most of your queries.

Should You Use a Sitting Wedge for SI Joint Pain?

Yes, a sitting wedge helps keep the upper leg in a good position. And so blood circulation improves while sitting for a long time. Besides, with SI joint pain, the pain can radiate to the thigh and upper legs if you keep sitting for a longer time. And in such cases, using a wedge in the seat prevents the pain from spreading to the legs and getting numb.

Is Walking Good for Sacroiliac Joint Pain?

It depends on how painful your Sacroiliac joint pain is. Normally, regular walking can help minimize the pain gradually. But if your SI joint pain is acute and a recent incident, walking may worsen it. On top, too much walking and standing for a long time can exaggerate the SI joint pain.

Can SI Joint Heal Itself?

How long it will need to heal SI joint pain depends on how severe the pain and the pain caused is. SI joint pain arises when you face major injuries, pregnancy, or accidents.

If the pain is acute and does not seem to decrease, rather pain increases day by day, it needs proper treatment with specific exercise, etc.

However, sometimes, if the pain is not that acute or felt that much, this may heal over time.

How do I relax my SI joint pain?

To relax your SI joint pain, you can try a few different methods. Start by sitting properly to ensure that your posture is not exacerbating the pain. If this doesn’t help, you can try ice or heat therapy. Apply an ice pack to the affected area for 20-30 minutes at a time, several times a day.

Alternatively, you can use a heating pad or take a warm bath to soothe the pain. If your pain is severe, it’s important to see a doctor. Your doctor may prescribe medication, physical therapy, or in some cases, a steroid injection to help relieve the pain.

Is Heat or Cold Better for SI Joint Pain?

Yes, heat and cold are both great for SI joint pain. If your pain is acute, you can use heat to get some relief from acute pain. Similarly, ice helps reduce inflammation inside muscles and gradually keeps the body in regular blood circulation.

What Is the Best Sitting Position for SI Joint Pain?

To sit with SI joint pain, you must sit straight. That is a rule of thumb for sitting on any chair. Then, for SI joint pain, you should keep your back with good support so that the spine doesn’t move, which can cause you more pain.

However, if your chair does not have any lumbar support, you can roll a towel and keep it behind your lower back on the chair for better lumbar support. And you are done.

How to sit properly with SI joint pain?

To sit properly with SI joint pain, it is important to keep your hips neutral and your lower back fully supported and comfortable. The best way to achieve this is by using an ergonomic chair that provides proper lumbar support. This type of chair will help reduce pressure on the lower back and prevent further pain.

It is also important to maintain good posture while sitting, ensuring that your back is straight and your feet are flat on the ground. By following these tips, you can alleviate SI joint pain and sit comfortably for extended periods of time.

Verdict Lines

You see, among so many brands and products, we have picked the 10 best chair for Si joint pain for you. Now, we hope you can get your final pick with ease.

But if you need more assistance, we will say our research says Duramont ergonomic chair with the most adjusting options is the best pick among these 10 chairs. Why? Because it features the best seat cushioning system and proper lumber for headrest and backrest availability. Plus, you can use this chair for both in-office and at-home use. And all of these at a super reasonable price.


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