How Should I Sit After Back Surgery

How Should I Sit After Back Surgery?

Back issues are at a rage these days when people even have to undergo surgical procedures for it. It can be connected to old age, degenerative disk disease, previous occupation, spine inflammation, etc.

Nonetheless, if you’ve been through a such procedure, sitting and moving around should be the first thing to be worried about. Although the chair has a ton to influence the experience, your sitting approach has the most share of your quick recovery.

So, if you’re wondering how should you sit after back surgery, there’s good news! Thankfully, by maintaining appropriate sitting posture and natural home treatment, you can boost the healing process.

Let’s talk about sitting etiquettes after back surgery, the appropriate chairs, the dos and don’t, plus some tips for quick recovery.

When Can I Sit After Back Surgery?

You can start sitting down after the first 2 weeks of back surgery. If you keep on lying down on your couch or bed, your body will become stiffer and weaker. However, your sitting should be limited to only twenty minutes intervals. Then you can proceed to 40 minutes sitting in 4 weeks’ time.

When Can I Sit After Back Surgery

Any time you start feeling uncomfortable, you should change position, go back to your bed, or take walks. The times you sit down should be repeated as many times as possible every day with break intervals of lying down for 30 to 60 minutes. After 1 month, your tolerance level for sitting will increase greatly. And you can then sit down for one hour or more without stress.

One of the greatest mistakes patients make after back surgery is to lie down for too long. You shouldn’t stop moving because you had back surgery. On the contrary, you should commence your physical activities although very carefully.

You need to make sure that your joints keep on moving. Especially since there is fluid within the joints that function like gravy when warmed up. As the fluid in your system is heated up regularly, it lubricates more of your joints. Thus; making you recover better.

Moreover, when you remain inactive for some days, your stamina and strength are likely to decline.

What Kind Of Chair Should I Sit In After Back Surgery?

After back surgery, it is advisable to sit in a firm, rocking, high-backed chair. That is the best way to relieve some of the post-op back discomforts. Besides, rocking chairs helps in speeding up the recovery of your bowel dysfunction, which usually occurs after back surgery.

However, it is not always easy to get the best recliner or chair for fast recovery after back surgery. This is because you’ll need to search in accordance and understanding of your body needs. You need to focus on the part of your body which you need to heal fast.

What Kind Of Chair Should I Sit In After Back Surgery

That said, let’s check out the factors you need to consider when evaluating what kind of chair you need to sit on after back surgery.

Back Support

When examining your chair options, always look for seats that feature back support. This means a seat with a sturdy back. Even some back surgery patients have given testimonials of relief from back discomfort after sitting on firm rocking and high-backed chairs.

There are good chairs to use after spinal surgery that you should consider instead of making use of an existing not-so-appropriate one laying around your house.

Proper Posture

You should consider the post-op instructions given to you with regards to reclining versus sitting up. Check whether you are asked to avoid reclining or sitting for long. Most times, the angling position that comes with reclining on a chair can minimize lower back discomfort. Also, it can aid your body in relaxing.

If you are to sit in your office for work after surgery, go for the best chair that can fit the required posture for your recovery period.

Appropriate Chair Height

It is important to sit on a chair that has the appropriate height for your body after back surgery. So that you won’t find it difficult to lean back or to kneel down. That is why; your chair shouldn’t be too high or too low. Your chair should be easy to slip in and out in accordance to your post-surgery guidelines.

Soft Cushion Seat

It can be quite painful and uncomfortable to sit down during the first weeks preceding back surgery. So, chairs with soft cushions can come in handy to make sitting a bit bearable.

With soft cushioning, your spine won’t have a thing to fight with as it makes its place into the back or bottom. However, be sure that heavy cushioning doesn’t make you uncomfortable.

How Should I Sit After Back Surgery?

Patients who go through back surgery shouldn’t allow their knees to be higher than their hips while sitting down. You can also use a low sit to make sure that both of your feet are level with the ground. Also, make sure that both of your hips have equal weight on them.

How Should I Sit After Back Surgery

Take the following precautions while sitting:

  • While using a proper chair, always keep your hips aligned with the back of the seat. The seat front shouldn’t mount pressure on your calves or the back of your knees. After back surgery, sitting down can cause great pressure on your spine.
  • The idea of sinking down in a comfy, soft seat after PT to watch television is quite tempting. Rather, select a strong chair that has arms. You will need to sit in an appropriate posture. And that is, keeping your back very straight. Make sure, though, so that you wouldn’t bend your spine.
  • As you sit, remember to lift your ankles upwards and downwards to allow blood circulation within your legs. It is vital to retain your original spinal curves while sitting to help you reduce post-surgery stress. When you slide down or slouch in your seat, you are unknowingly causing yourself back strain.
  • If you don’t want to slouch, make sure that your hips, shoulders, and ears aligned. Always sit on a chair that perfectly fits you. Don’t forget to get the seat that offer support to your lower back.
  • Also, the chair should let your feet be flat on the ground. In case, the seat you choose is a bit on the high side for your liking, you should keep your feet on a small box or stool to maintain an accurate sitting posture.
  • Always take regular breaks from sitting down. You can stand up a bit or stretch yourself a bit. After about 30 to 45 minutes, you should get up from the chair. It is advisable to go out on a walk or sleep a little.

How to Sit At your Desk

After back pain surgery, if you intend to work at your desk, you need to sit on a seat that can turn or swivel. It will prevent you from trying to move or turn your body at once. Make sure that your feet and hips are faced towards the same way as you move.

How to Sit At your Desk

If there is a telephone which you normally twist to answer, bring the phone to be at your front. While answering the phone, never hold the phone receiver with your head. Place your elbow on the seat arm or desk to support your arm. It will help to maintain your neck in proper alignment.

How to Get Out or In your Chair

When you want to get out of your chair, you should slide over to the edge of your chair. Then straighten your knees and hips to raise yourself out of the chair. At times, keeping one of your feet in front of each other can help you.

If you are sitting on a chair with armrests, use your hands to help you, and don’t forget to straighten your back. Never bend your back or lean too far frontwards. To go back to your sitting position, you can move backward right to the back until your legs touch the chair.

Keep one foot in front of the other, keep a straight back, and lower your body to the chair edge by bending your knees and hips.

How Long Can I Sit After Back Surgery?

After back surgery, you need to gradually and carefully resume your activities. Initially, you can sit for at least 20 minutes for starters for 2 weeks after back surgery. Then, you can gradually increase your sitting periods to 40 minutes when you clock 4 weeks after the surgery.

Your post-op activities should be carefully done to avoid a relapse. That is why; you need to go back to your bed or take short walks at intervals if you feel uncomfortable while sitting. You can repeat your periods of sitting as many times as you can in a day. Always try to have rest periods in-between though. You can lie down for about 30 or 60 minutes.

Do’s And Don’ts of Back Surgery Faster Recovery

After undergoing surgery, it is essential to avoid certain things to avoid complications. Some of them include:

  • Avoid twisting, lifting, and bending your back.
  • Never bend from your waist to crack a few bones that healthy people usually do.
  • You shouldn’t lift weights that are heavier than ten pounds.
  • Don’t twist your torso because doing so can add unnecessary pressure to your sensitive spine.
  • Do not embark on strenuous activities like; aerobic exercises, weight lifting, jogging, or riding a bicycle. Wait for your doctor’s orders to do so.
  • Stay away from driving your vehicle for two to four weeks after back surgery. You can only do so when your doctor approves.

Tips for a Faster Recovery

Tips for a Faster Recovery

  1. Make sure you rest anytime you are feeling tired. Sleeping helps
  2. Take short works every day and increase the length you work bit by bit
  3. Obey your doctor’s orders if he/she says don’t lift anything
  4. When you do ride your car, don’t take rides that last above 30 minutes for the first 2 – 4 weeks after your back surgery. If a long-distance car ride is crucial, you have to make short stops at intervals to stretch or walk your legs.
  5. As you stand or sit down, endeavor to change your posture every 30 minutes. It will aid in reducing back pain while you recover.
  6. Take leave from work for 4 or 6 weeks, although it depends on your work structure and your physical ability.
  7. Sexual activities also depend on how you feel. However, you shouldn’t try positions that may cause pain or stress your back.
  8. Eat a healthy diet as you usually do
  9. Drink enough water to keep the internal circulation fine.
  10. If your bowel movements are having issues, ask your doctor to prescribe mild laxatives for you.

Final Words

As you undergo back surgery, bear in mind that your recovery depends on your effort in keeping your back stress-free. Although you will need to wait patiently for your body to recover, you still need to fasten the process.

That’s why; you need to get in shape prior to the surgery and stay active after the surgery. As such, your first questions should include; how I should sit after back surgery. Thankfully, we have shared the information above to help your faster recovery with better chair and proper sitting posture.


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