Can You Lay on Your Stomach in a Lounge Chair?

A lounge chair is mainly for relaxing, mostly with a curved shape without handles. Most people with mobile houses use it as their bed on the move since carrying a full size bed isn’t a good idea. The relaxation they offer is unparalleled when you lay on it with your back.

But, many people want to get the same relaxation laying on the lounge chair while laying on stomachs. That’s where the question comes into play: Can you lay on your stomach in a lounge chair?

Unfortunately, you cannot lay on your stomach in a lounge chair. Well, unless it is a face-down lounge chair with a proper ergonomic setup. The health risk with a non-ergonomic lounge chair is much, and you don’t want to risk it.

Let’s get to know which lounge chairs are okay to lay on your stomach and how exactly you do that.

Can You Lay On Your Stomach In A Lounge Chair?

You can lie on your stomach in a lounge chair, depending on what kind of lounger you’re using. Most of the lounge chair types do not support laying on your stomach because of how they are built. But, there is one that is specially created for it, with which you can lay such ways.

Can You Lay on Your Stomach in a Lounge Chair

So, how can you lay on your stomach in a lounge chair? You should get the right type of lounge chair that lets you face down without laying on the side of your neck and straining it.

What Is A Lounge Chair?

A lounge chair that people also call a lounger is a luxurious relaxation chair. You can adjust it on the back or the ottoman. Some come with an attached ottoman, and others have a separate ottoman from the main chair. Many of the lounge chairs have long backs, and others have short.


What Is A Lounge Chair

However, the lounge chair is, they all serve one purpose: ultimate relaxation. Aside from relaxation and comfort, the lounge chair also helps with back pain. Also, it helps with proper blood flow through the legs.

The chair is good for listening to music too, but you cannot use most of them for TVs. Many lounge chairs will stress you when you want to watch TV or have a serious conversation.

Types Of Lounge Chairs

There are so many types of lounge chairs which you can use for relaxation, but only a few types allow you to lay on them. Nonetheless, let’s get you familiar with the most common ones:

Traditional classic loungers

A traditional classic lounger is simple, a chair without arms and the ability to be re-adjusted. They are mostly in curves facing the ground, and the backs are in slant positions, facing up. They have ottomans, but they fix the ottomans to the loungers.

Traditional classic loungers

Face Down Lounge Chair

The face-down lounge chair is majorly a lounge chair for laying on the stomach. The lounge chair has recliners at the back, and you can make it completely flat. It also has space to fit your face to see the floor and space to put your hands through. It is perfect for a relaxation reading.

Face Down Lounge Chair

Just adjust the lounge chair to be flat, open the hole, and keep your book under the lounger. Then lay on your stomach and put your hands through the space provided to hold the book under the lounge chair. Then you can start reading and flipping through pages.

This lounge chair is mostly for outdoor uses. It comprises metal edges, then cloths and foams in other parts. It is comfortable to lie on your stomach and not get hurt.

Wing Chairs

Many people know the wing chairs for their high backs and wings. The chair is a lounge chair that gives you relaxation on your back and legs. It has high backswings, and the sitting part is also long enough to keep your legs off the floor.

Wing Chairs


A recliner is an adjustable lounge chair. Some of them are mechanical, and others are electrical. Technology has improved so much so that some electric recliners use remote control. Also, other electric recliners work with buttons.


Arm Chairs

The armchairs usually have space to place your hands when you are relaxing. They look simple with two arms. Although these chairs are old and rarely exist, some stores still have them. Some armchairs have high backs like wing chairs, and others have short backs.

For the armchairs with high backs, the difference between them and the wing chair is the arms. The wing chair doesn’t have high arms, but no matter how high the back of an armchair is, the arm must still be high.

Arm Chairs

Chaise lounges

The literal meaning of the chaise lounge is a long chair. The chair is long enough; you can even use it as a bed. People who enjoy laying on their stomachs can lie with this, given that they don’t go close to the back of the chair. In some homes, they call the chaise lounge a sofa.

Chaise lounges

Club Chairs

As the name implies, you can mostly find the club chairs in the VIP section. They have low backs, deep seats, and high hands. Mostly, their hands move at the same height as their backs. Then, it gets lower as it gets to the front.

Club Chairs

Poolside Loungers

The poolside loungers are mostly on the pool sides. Some of them are zero gravity lounge chairs, and some are not. They are not just for pool sides; they are outdoor chairs for relaxation anywhere. Many of them come with shades against the sun, while others don’t.

Poolside Loungers

Some poolside loungers have recliners on the ottoman, and some don’t. In others, their recliners are at the back. So, you can make them flat or raise their backs at will. A few of them allow users to lay their stomachs in them.

Some have their ottoman attached, and others have a separate ottoman. This type of lounger rarely gets stuffed, but they are still comfortable.

The Eames Lounger

Lounge chairs didn’t gain popularity in the United States. But then, Charles & Ray Eames made the Eames Lounge Chair in 1953. That was when lounge chairs became popular in the United States.

The Eames Lounger

Charles & Ray Eames designed the chair for the “Herman Miller Furniture Company”. They made the chair with plywood, aluminum base and then finished it with leather. The design has changed that much, but it is better now.

Can You Lay On Your Stomach On A Zero Gravity Lounge Chair?

We don’t advise you to lie on your stomach in a zero-gravity lounge chair. A zero gravity lounge chair is mostly for the outdoors. It has recliners on the ottoman, and people also call it a poolside lounge chair. The chair is perfect for relaxing outside, and it has a space to hold your drink.

So, you can be drinking and relaxing without having to hold the bottle after taking a drink. The lounge chair is has a high back, and the physical shape of the chair will not allow stomach laying. If you forcefully want to lie on the lounge chair in your stomach, you will harm yourself. But if you lay on the chair with your back as you should, they are health benefits it gives. If you are not good with the sun, buy the zero gravity lounge chairs with shades.

Is A Lounge Chair Good For Your Back?

A lounge chair is good for your back as it has many health benefits that it offers. Aside from the luxury look a lounge chair gives, it comforts you at your back and also prevents back pain. As much as it prevents back pains, it also reduces existing back pain.

Is A Lounge Chair Good For Your Back

Doctors recommend lounge or relaxation chairs for people who find it hard sleeping in bed because of the pains in their backs. You can comfortably sleep on your back in lounge chairs for hours with no pain complaints afterward. Aside from back health benefits, it also has leg health benefits.

Most therapists use lounge chairs for their clients during therapy hours. They want their patients to feel comfortable while the session is on. Unfortunately, some chairs make people uncomfortable with backaches and not pay attention to whatever people are saying.


Distinct types of lounge chairs have different functions and modes of use. They also have unique structures. Some can get reclined; some cannot. You can make some of them flat, and others will not just pass a certain level to be anything close to flat. Some of them get stuffed, and others are light.

So, can you lay on your stomach in a lounge chair? You can, if it is a face-down lounge chair. However, you will put your body in harm’s way if you lie on your stomach in other lounge chairs.

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