Small Lash Room Decor Ideas

6 Tips Small Lash Room Decor Ideas – Quick & Easy Tips!

Your lash room is a depiction of your ingenuity. As a lash artist or even personally, you want your lash room to be outstanding, aesthetically pleasing, and welcoming to clients. Having attractive salon decor sets the pace for your taste to your clients, a great first impression.

However, a small lash room can really be a setback as you have limited space to work on. No worries, today, we’ll discuss a few exquisite space-saving lash room decor ideas that will solve the issue.

You need to decor it in such a way, it will look large enough for your clients to sit comfortably and have an amazing experience in your salon. Let’s discuss how you can spice up your lash room, giving your clients the look they want to be in.

Why Is Decorating Your Lash Room Important?

The decoration of your lash room is the voice of the first impression for everyone who comes in. Let’s talk about the reasons you need a great lash room decore.

Why Is Decorating Your Lash Room Important

1. It talks you and your work

One major reason you should decorate your lash room is that it communicates a lot about you. People can judge the appearance and aesthetics of your place and tell a bit more about how you are.

If you choose to decorate right, you will create a better impression before everyone who steps into your space. But, if you do it wrong or don’t even decorate your lash room, you stand a higher chance of losing your customers.

2. You get better clients

Following the rule of thumb, you will attract clients with like-minds. Some people will be willing to go all the way just to come to a place that seems like the standard, a place of high-quality aesthetics—and also pay whatever amount it is your place.

3. Clients become consistent

As we’ve stated earlier, when people come to a place that’s not only conducive but beautiful plus amazing lash services, you stand a chance of having them return, time and again.

4. You stand a chance to raise your fees

With a lash room as amazing as you can think of, you can raise your price rates higher than they initially were. That said, if you want to raise the rates of your beauty salon, then you should consider decorating.

5. It gives you peace of mind

Lastly, decorating your beauty salon gives you the satisfaction of having something amazing. With your lash room looking so outstanding, you might as well be ready to have a thrilling experience each time you step into your space.

Now that we’ve considered why you should decorate your lash room let’s consider some amazing lash room décor ideas in the next section.

Small Lash Room Decor Ideas

Small Lash Room Decor Ideas

1. Find Out The Best Layout For Your Lash Room

For situations where you have a beauty salon but not much available space, you will need to do this in an optimized scenario. Most often, it’s not possible to increase the size of your room. Rather, positioning your items in the room properly will be more helpful.

Usually, bigger items like the lash chair or lash bed are the best fit for the center of your lash room. Also, other tools like the overhead light will fit perfectly with the centerpiece. No two lash rooms can look alike. So, if the layout seems like one in which the lash bed will preferably stay by the wall, do it by all means.

Layout For Your Lash Room

Further, if you’re not satisfied with the position of your room, then experiment with it. Try new positioning and layouts. However, in whatever you’re doing, ensure that it’s beautiful enough. Also, place in mind that it’s your client you are decorating your room for. So, a client-first decoration should be the focus of your decoration.

Some tips you will need for your lash room:

  • Have necessary appliances: like a standby fan or air conditioner to cool your clients while having your appointment. The combination of the breeze from your fan and the consistent, soothing hum of your fan can sing them to sleep while you work.
  • Get additional padding: for the lash bed. You can purchase it on any supermarket or e-commerce site.
  • Have a calming music playlist: playing in the background to set the mood of your salon and ease the tension for your clients.
  • Ensure to get a cozy blanket: readily available on your lash bed. Using a furry blanket on your lash

2. Find Out The Right Furniture

Another key aspect of your small lash room is the furniture. More preferably, you can get additional assistance from someone to pick the furniture ideal for your lash room before buying anything. We recommend that whatever furniture you’re purchasing shouldn’t protrude into the walking paths.

Also, you should choose a set of chairs, which allows your clients to sit close to each other and discuss. If you can, also position an ottoman around the treatment area for your clients to keep their feet as they wait for their turn. Also, make sure you also add an Ideal Chair for lash artist.

3. A Little Beauty Will Do

Now, it’s time to awaken your inner creativity. It’s, first, important that your salon is clean and organized. Rather than engrossing the small room with excessive furniture, you should keep it simple and focus on decorating the salon. Here is a list of some things you can use in your lash room:

Pictures And Your Brand Style

You should integrate your energy all through your salon. Ensure it has a taste of you, your brand logo, and every detail about your brand you know will be valuable to your clients. For example, the pictures of your previous works taken with a camera and edited properly can be hung on one side of your wall.


Also, we recommend that you beautify your lash room with your brand color. By this, we mean that if your brand color is black, pink, and white, then the decoration on your lash room should also contain these colors. This is arguably one of the easiest ways to synergize your creativity and style into the reality of your brand.

4. Discover The Right Lighting For Your Lash Room

You need to have bright and high-efficient lighting in your lash room. This is another key consideration when discussing small lash room decor ideas. You do want your customers to look great after installing that amazing pair of lashes on them, and you want them to see the lashes too!

Discover The Right Lighting For Your Lash Room

Having happy customers is one of the best and most effective means of marketing. They can take a selfie and post on their Instagram or other social media platforms. Thus, publicizing your ingenuity and your salon!

You don’t want your client to tag you in a photo of your lash room with terrible lighting. So, you know what to do. Also, arrange your salon in such a way that natural light can permeate the room and illuminate the room sufficiently.

5. Some Additional Art Won’t Be Bad

If you have a small-sized lash room, then having a beautified wall is a great suggestion you can adopt. Have a professional artist come to draw some interesting murals on a plain part of your wall. One thing for sure is that this is typically worth the cost, and both and your clients will enjoy the art.

One more thing you should never forget is your large mirror. Ensure to install mirrors in the room. Not only does it have aesthetic value, but it also allows your clients to have a good view of themselves after you’re done inserting the lashes.

6. Arrange Your Storage Properly

Noting that you have a small-sized room, it’d not be advisable to use large, protruding, and bulky sets of equipment in your lash room. Ideally, you store your supplies, tools, and all other important things in a smart way. Having them all visible and stacked will make it seem cluttered and messy.

So, you can make you sleek trash cans, roll storage carts, and arrange the products and items in an orderly manner. This way, your storage will be in a minimalist way.

Bottom Line

As a lash artist, you can borrow and implement all the useful small lash room decor ideas we talked about above. Having the right layouts, using the right furniture and lighting, and keeping smart storage for your tools and products will be a game-changer for you.

Remember, you want to give your clients the best experience while waiting for their turn; there is no second first impression. Only that way, you can ensure having loads of recurring clients with a steady stream of revenue, possibly with a higher rate!


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