How Important Is Your Listening Chair

How Important Is Your Listening Chair? [Getting To Know]

A listening chair is a chair properly positioned in a media room, studio, or anywhere else you would stay to listen to audio. It gives a whole different music experience if used properly. So, if you’re wondering how important is your listening chair, wait for a significant uplift with one!

Your listening chair keeps you relaxed while you listen to long hours of music. Most times, your procession of the audio you listen to depends on how comfortable you are.

So, your listening chair provides that less disturbance that keeps your focus on the audio. Let’s get to know the importance of listening chairs and setting them up properly to get their full benefits.

How Important Is Your Listening Chair?

Your listening chair is very important. It is a chair for listening to music, and it improves the sound you hear and your procession of the sound. So, how essential is your listening chair? Aside from the fact that it can hold your drink and it is very comfortable, they are other benefits your listening chair offers.

The quality of your audio assimilation mostly depends on your position. If you’re comfortable enough, there is an 80% chance the sound you listen to will make sense to you.

How Important Is Your Listening Chair

Benefits of a listening chair and how it relates to listening

here are the most crucial benefits of having a chair that you use for listening purposes:

Keeps you comfortable

A listening chain with some of its amazing features can keep you comfortable for many hours. It is soft and mostly adjustable. You can spread your hands and feel relaxed because no two people can share one listening chair. Relating this to music, your mood determines how well you accept any music.

When you relax and listen to a song, you hear a note that sounds new. Now, that’s how the comfortable listening chair affects how you process the music you listen to. You might get to understand and hear cords well when comfortable.

Holds things

Like watching movies, many people like to drink or eat something while listening to music. It might be a means to even help them focus. So, a listening chair has a space specially created to hold the bear or snacks you brought to the listening room. Convenience is what we can call for this feature of a listening chair.

Health benefits

One of the importance of using listening chairs is protecting your posture. Since they’re designed to support the listener’s body, you won’t end up bending or suffering from backache or neck strains due to a bad sitting position.

How To Properly Set Up And Use A Listening Chair

Setting up and using a listening chair properly depends on the listening chair you have, how well you set up your listening room and other factors. While some listening chairs are like sofas, some others are like upright chairs. The comfort you get from a listening chair depends on how you like it to be.

How To Properly Set Up And Use A Listening Chair

How to set up and use a listening chair

1. Where the room is located

The first and very important factor you should consider before setting up a listening room is the room’s acoustic environment. It is because the sound that comes from the environment of your listing room can be a distraction.

For instance, if your listening room is in a noisy area, you can get distracted. Most time, you won’t get the peace the audio provides. So, keep your listening room away from noisy environments or make it soundproof against the noise outside it.

2. Where you position your speaker monitors

You might have noticed that when your speaker faces a direction, it sends the sound there. So, if you mount your speakers to face the wrong direction, you won’t enjoy the sound it will produce. Also, some positions can enhance sound while others can spoil it?

3. Your position as the listener

Now, this is where a listening chair comes in. If you are in a right and comfortable position, the sound hit differently than when you are on the wrong side. The audio you listen to sounds better when it comes directly to you and does not bounce off the wall.

So, it is more appropriate to keep the speakers facing you. But, not too close to you, though, to avoid damaging your eardrums with an overly loud sound. Set your monitor speakers in the right positions. Then keep your listening chair in the middle where all the sounds meet in a triangular form. It is to make sure that you don’t miss the tiniest note and that the sound of the audio is authentic.

4. Correct sitting height

If your listening chair is not height-adjustable, it needs to have a durable height that will enable a great listening session. The importance of a good listening height might seem small, but for audiophiles, it is not. Some people are near-listeners, and some listen from a distance.

The height of your chair should do justice to the flow of the sounds through your ears. If it is too high, you might not hear as well as if it is too low. So, your listening chair needs to be at your accurate listening height.

5. Firm position on the floor

This is a critical feature of any listening chair. You might like your chair to spin in your listening session, but it must still have a firm position on the ground. Also, some people prefer the base of their chairs to have a C shape to swing while on their listening session.

It is still important that your chair has a stable base because you don’t want to be falling off when you’re deep into a song.

6. Adjustable height

The ‘Correct sitting height’ factor works the same for listening. With the adjustable height listening chair, you adjust the chair’s height to suit your listening range. You don’t have to test it repeatedly to be sure it is perfect before you buy it. Instead, you can just buy it and adjust it when you insert it in your listening room.

7. Nothing behind your head

Having huge head support on your listening chair is like sitting close to the wall to listen. Although nobody can see audio cannot, it bounces or reflects off surfaces. The reflected audio does not sound nice to the ears.

The huge head support on any listening chair bounces the audio and provides your ear with a reduced quality sound. The support is important to keep your head upright. But, if it is too big, the disadvantage is too much of a price to be paid for an upright head.

If you need head support in your chair, make sure it is not too big. You will not enjoy your music because of the filtrated sound.

8. Upright posture

This feature of a listening chair focuses on your head. When you are in your listening session and on your chair, the chair should support your head to be vertical. Leaning your back and aiding your head to be straight might be comfortable in the first few minutes until your head feels too heavy.

So, your listening chair should have a support that can lift your head to stay vertical even when your back is relaxing.


As an audiophile or any music lover, your ability to assimilate the pleasant sound depends on your comfort. Also, it depends on other things like the position of your speaker and your environment. Your listening chair plays a good role in this too.

So, how important is your listening chair? The benefits of your listening chair tell how significant it is. Do not overlook the comfort you need during your listening session because it helps you enjoy the audio better.


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