What is Furniturewing?

Hello there,

Welcome to the Furniturewing! Here you’ll find different types of furniture to decor your home, office, and business organization. The site is operated by a group of expert people who have specialist knowledge of different types of furniture.

We have a unique and high-quality furniture collection that you won’t find everywhere. For example, if you look at our chair collection, you’ll understand why we are different from others and claimed that we have a unzque collection.

Here in Furniturewing, you’ll find the best balance ball chair for tall person, the best chair for anterior pelvic tilt/nail technician/lash artist/listening music, etc. Along with different specialized chairs for your home and different profession, you’ll find other essential furniture as well.

It doesn’t matter what type of chair or other furniture you’re looking for, here at Furniturewing we have a collection of almost all of them.

Who We Are?

Miles Jones

Miles Jones is the founder and the chief editor of this site, Furniturewing. He’s a professional interior designer and a hobbyist research writer. From the day Miles started his professional career as an interior designer, he dreamt of writing in this matter.

But doing all the research and analyzing alone isn’t possible for him. So he hired some other enthusiast people who have expert knowledge about furniture and its accessories. After allocating talented people, Miles created Furniturewing and started his dream project.

James R. Caraway

James is the head of our writing team. He’s the leader of our all-staff writer. After completing his graduation in English literature and Linguistics, he started his professional career as a research writer. Before joining us, he worked for two renowned magazines and a writing agency.

Another identity of James is he’s a childhood friend of Miles, who’s the founder of this site. After creating this site, Miles requests him to join us, and he can’t reject the proposal of his childhood friend.

However, the best thing about miles is, he’s a very creative writer with an imaginary mind. He can easily explain a complicated thing and make everything easy for readers.

Matthew N. Truitt

Matthew is a businessman and a passionate blogger. He has been doing the furniture business for almost twelve years. So he has very in-depth knowledge about furniture and its accessories, and that’s why we bring him to our team.

Now, Matthew is the chief of our research and investigation team. Under his observation, other team members conduct their research and investigation process.

Our Review Process

Finding the right furniture becomes hard for you if you’re not a carpenter or interior designer and looking for specialized furniture. Considering this matter, the team of Furniturewing created this site and brought the best product to meet your need.

We follow a systematic process to review every single product. First, we split our team members into different groups based on their knowledge and skill. After creating different subgroups, they are assigned their task.

Market investigation group, research and analyze the product in the market and provide the data to the expert team. Expert groups select the best product of the best brands according to their features and popularity and send the product list to the writing team with analyzed data.

After getting the product list from the expert team, the writing team starts writing an in-detail review of the selected products with a complete buying guideline. Once the writing team completes the product review, the reviews are cross-checked by our editorial team to ensure data validity through fact-checking.


Do you think all the information we find on the internet is valid and correct? Not at all.  If we use the information without fact-checking, then there’s a high possibility of misguiding our audience with misinformation.

But we are committed to guiding you to the appropriate product with accurate information. Therefore, fact-checking is one of the essential parts of our product review process so that you won’t get any misleading information from here.

Editorial Guidelines

Your faith and trust in us is the only thing that motivates us to do our task willingly and precisely. We work very hard to keep that faith and trust. Here in Furniturewing, we make sure our content is focused on its core topic, free from error, and easy to understand.

All the information you find on this site is cross-checked multiple times to ensure there’s no wrong and misleading information. Every content is written, examined, and edited by experts to maintain our standard.